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Worlds Most Remote Casinos


Seeing as the holiday season is well and truly upon us and combined with my personal lust for travel I thought it would be fun to put together some of the worlds most remote casinos. The list could have been massive, it’s a pretty big world out there, but below are my top three each with their own claim to the crown.

Whether it’s eccentric presidents, dodgy border crossings or just outright ‘how am I ever going to get there’ locations each of the below have their rightful place on this list.

The Grand Casino, Ashgabat, Turkmenistan


Where? That’s exactly what we thought. Turkmenistan is a country in Central Asia, neighboured by both Iran and Afghanistan and with 80% of it’s land considered to be desert, perhaps this wouldn’t be top of the list of holiday destinations.

Warm Welcome

Although tourism is officially welcome in the country the visa requirements for entry can take months to organise and once there you may find yourself regularly stopped by the police and military making sure you’re not upsetting the delicate peace they have in the country.

That aside they do like a bet or two in the capital Ashgabat where there’s currently two registered casinos, the largest of which being The Grand Casino. So if you do find yourself with some time to kill in the capital feel free to pop in for a flutter with slots, poker and a selection of other table games you could easily forget about the, some might say, slightly oppressive dictatorship outside.

President For Life

Turkmenistan has a somewhat comical recent history, although don’t tell them we said that. Their previous President for Life renamed himself Turkmenbashi which means Father of all Turkmen, he then went on to rename the month of January after himself and the month of April and the word for bread after his mother. Oh and he had a habit of banning somewhat random things including lip synching, long hair, video games, and golden tooth caps?

Although no longer in charge Turkmenbashi still has a certain hold over this historically nomadic country. So maybe The Grand Casino isn’t going to be competing with Ceasars Palace any time soon.

Allure Resort, Tachilek, Myanmar


Myanmar, known to many in the UK as Burma is certainly not a country known for it’s love of gambling, but then that’s the point of this blog post. A country that has a history steeped in political turmoil and social upheaval but also a beautiful country filled with stunning scenery and ancient temples.

Recent Turmoil

Located in South East Asia, until recently tourists weren't allowed into this military controlled country. A series of widespread protests in 2007 helped publicise the plight of many living in the country and also turned international attention onto it. Since then they are working towards a much more democratic state and have opened the borders to many international visitors that were previously not so welcome by officials in the country.

It’s for these reason that Allure Resort makes the list, it’s now perhaps not the most difficult to get to, in fact it is a short trip over a border crossing from Thailand but with those borders still recently opened to western tourists it has an air of the unknown that makes us want to investigate.

Border Town

Tachileks proximity to Thailand and it being a border crossing town is the exact reason The Allure Resort Casino exists. Gambling, in almost all it’s forms, is illegal in Thailand but there are many people living there that like a bet or two (who doesn’t). So in a typically enterprising manner you’ll find a host of casinos operating just over the border along many towns of neighboring countries including Myanmar, Laos and Cambodia (at one Cambodian border crossing there are seven casinos waiting for you)

So if you fancy combining the roulette table along with some ancient culture and don’t mind being looked on with confusion (and in some cases suspicion by the authorities) then maybe Allure Resort is the place for you.

Atka Ira Hotel, Atka, Alaska


So we promised you remote casino’s in this blog and perhaps the two above just aren't far enough away from everything for you? Well how about making your way out to the Atka Ira Hotel.

The hotel is located on the Alaskan Island of Atka which is officially part of the United States of America but way out in the Bering Sea, you’re a very very long way from Vegas. The whole island has an estimated population of 95 with an over 80% Native American community, the island relies heavily on fishing as it’s primary source of revenue, which makes a lot of sense as it’s in the middle of the ocean.

That's Entertainment

You’d be right in imagining there’s not a huge amount to keep you entertained on Atka so why not have flutter from time to time and you can do just that in the Atka Ira Hotel. There’s not a great deal on offer but you’ll find a number of slots and even the odd table game to pass away those long hours.

So if you want truly remote gambling, so remote in fact that I couldn't find any commercial way onto or off the island, then Atka seems to be the place for you although I have no idea what you’d spend your winnings on?

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