RouletteMany people believe that to win at roulette takes a lot of a luck. After all, you are throwing your lot in with a tiny white ball which may or may not land on the number you want. There’s a one in thirty-seven chance that your number will come up. Get it right and you could be in for a massive win! Get it wrong, however, and you could lose it all. But what if we told you that it was more than just a bit of luck? What if we told you that, to win at roulette, requires a bit of strategy?

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Jessica’s Story



Enter Jessica, the woman who managed to nab some pretty big cash prizes through playing several rounds of roulette. She’s a massive believer in luck and practised her usual rituals so that she might win (like wearing her favourite socks) but she was clued up enough to know that it takes more than just that to get what you want. Her approach to roulette strategy was simple yet effective.


The Winning Strategy

And that strategy was to bet as little as possible on as many numbers as possible. Sounds simple, right? The odds are more greatly put in your favour if you have many chips across the board as opposed to a single number. Even betting on outside bets (high or low, red or black, odd or even) has a much higher chance of success. However, with higher odds come lower returns.

Therefore, to begin with, players must build up their money by betting on as many number as they can. Yes, the money you get may not be much, but it will be enough to give you a strong foundation to play off. Jessica realised this and employed this strategy with great effect. She started off by placing a tenner or two on two of the three rows on the number board. Her number came up and she got quite a bit of money back in return. Next, she decided to up the ante and bet on black. This bet was riskier as there’s a fifty/fifty chance of success. But it paid off and she got an even larger amount.

She continued employing this strategy until the roulette reel rewarded here with over £200. The trick was to start by using outside bets and gradually work up to inside bets. Of course, it didn’t work every time and she had to sacrifice a bit of money to get where she was. Overall, however, her strategy worked and can be easily used by any player if they bet wisely and have a lot of patience.


European Roulette

That wasn’t all Jessica did, however. Intimately familiar with the different forms of roulette, she wisely chose to stick with European (or French) Roulette instead of playing the American edition. At first, it might be hard to tell the difference between them. There isn’t much difference, really, except for one crucial detail. An American roulette wheel has a double-zero pocket, making that thirty-eight number pockets in total, while the European wheel only has a single zero.

European Roulette by Realistic Games

Many players would be wise to avoid American roulette for this very reason. The double-zero, though it may appear to be an innocuous addition to the wheel, heavily pushes the odds in the casino’s favour.  European roulette, therefore, gives players a much better chance at winning the money they want, and the casino has less chance of getting your cash. Of course, house edge is always a factor no matter what game you play but you can always reduce it by choosing the right form to engage with.

Jessica played European roulette because she realised her odds were reduced if she played the American version. This goes to show that a little research and decision-making beforehand can have an enormous impact on how much you can win.



Where Can I Play Roulette Online?

You can play roulette at any licensed casino for real money! Signing up to one is simple and takes only a few minutes and you can either play a faithfully recreated, digital version of it or a live version in which you interact with a real dealer. The choice is entirely yours.


You, Too, Can Use Jessica’s Strategy!

You can also use Jessica’s strategy, and others, to help you win. Outside to inside bets may be a nice strategy to employ for beginner but if you want to advance a little beyond that, why not use Neighbours or Zero Play method to up your game? Where’s the fun without a bit of risk?

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