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Will 2018 Be The End of Boku?

Boku LogoBoku has long been touted by many – this very blog included – as one of the best banking methods for mobile players. This is because its fast, easy to use and secure, offering players peace of mind and convenient transactions. However, since Boku's launch way back in 2009, many new alternative payment methods have come to market. This means that Boku is no longer at the forefront of innovation, and many mobile gamblers may be thinking of switching depositing methods.

In today's guide we question whether Boku is still the best banking method to use for mobile gamers, which new methods may be taking over and why, and whether 2018 will see Boku fade into obscurity in favour of more modern depositing services.

To get things started, we need to understand which new methods could be seen as competitors to Boku, and what benefits they offer over our beloved mobile billing service. Of course there are many different payment methods available at mobile casinos, but in this guide we'll be avoiding talking about services such as Neteller, Skrill and Paysafecard. This is because, whilst all of these methods have certain advantages over Boku, they've all been around for quite some time. Instead we'll be looking at the more modern banking methods which are really pushing boundaries and that could make a splash in 2018.


Android and Apple Pay

iOS vs AndroidApple Pay actually launched in the UK back in 2015 – we know, time flies – and 2016 brought Android Pay to our shores too. However, whilst both payment methods have enjoyed some success, they never really took off as a depositing method for casino players. Why? Because they don't actually run as smoothly as one may expect.

To deposit at an online casino via Apple or Android Pay you need to already have registered your card to your phone. Of course, this make payments possible in one click, but it also evades some of the benefits that Boku offers. For instance, it doesn't cater for the unbanked population like Boku does. Furthermore, having your bank details registered to your phone obviously raises security issues.



BitcoinTo say that Bitcoin is having a moment would be an understatement. The cryptocurrency has sky-rocketed in value in the past month, and is now worth more than ever before. Naturally, for investors this is great news, but it's also very beneficial for casino players who want to use Bitcoin to deposit at online casinos too.

The rise in Bitcoin value shows that more and more people and corporations are taking the currency seriously. This means that players can expect a rise in sites that accept Bitcoin as a depositing method. However, such an exponential rise in value means that it's highly likely that the cryptocurrency will crash very soon.  This could have devastating consequences for players who have invested, and means that your winnings could suddenly be worth less than before.


Trustly and Zimpler

Trustly and Zimpler LogosBoth Trustly and Zimpler are often touted as good alternatives to Boku. This is because both are accepted by a wide range of online casinos and both can be managed from your mobile phone. To use both methods, you need to set up an account, add a payment source, then verify the deposit using the SMS PIN code you'll be sent. This makes both methods very secure and means that, once set-up, you don't need to keep inputting bank details every time you want to make a payment.

The main difference between the two is that only Trustly allows players to withdraw; Zimpler operates much like Boku in this respect, in that you'll have to chose a different service when cashing out. That being said, both methods have an advantage over Boku as they don't impose daily spending limits. This can be one of the most appealing features to those who feel like their falling out of love with phone billing.



Although each depositing method mentioned in this list has it's own advantages (and disadvantages), we're not sure if any will manage to persuade Boku users to jump ship. This is because, whilst we understand that Boku has it's own drawbacks, it still stands as one of the most convenient payment methods for mobile casino players. None of the methods mentioned above cater for those without a bank account, like Boku does, and none offer the ease of paying at a later date, like Boku does too. All things considered, we think Boku occupies a unique space within the mobile depositing market, one which no other payment method is even attempting to compete for, and for this reason we can't see it falling out of favour with it's users any time soon.

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