mobile phone bill depositing casinoMobile phone bill depositing is one of the simplest ways to make online payments, especially if you're a regular at mobile casinos. Mobile casinos have a lot of benefits, the key advantage being that you can play on the go, away from a desk, or out the house completely.

The problem is that any additional payment methods aren't built to be used on the go, from typing in long card details, to trying to remember e-wallet passwords. Mobile phone bill depositing allows you to make payment using just your mobile, so you can both pay and play from the same device. But there's a tonne of other reasons that make mobile depositing the ultimate banking method for playing at mobile casinos.

Ease and convenience

That pro might be a bit vague, since overall most things about mobile depositing are easy and convenient. But here's a few of the major points:

easy convenient

  • You don't have to sign up and register for an account because everything's done using your own mobile number
  • There's no details to remember, you simply have to know your own mobile number
  • You're making payments off the same device you're playing with
  • You can still save your payment details on the casino like with other payment methods for faster future payments

Mobile depositing is built from the ground up to be as simple as possible. One login detail in the form of your mobile number and then you're away.

Great Privacy

internet privacyIn a world where so much of your personal information is stored on your mobile, it would be a nice change to be able to stay anonymous for once. Unlike most other banking methods, where your name, address, bank account and email are tied to it, mobile depositing only requires your mobile phone number.

Since your money is taken from your phone credit, or added to your mobile bill at the end of the month, no additional personal details are stored on the casino's end. Even better, on your end of the month bill, the charges will only appear as if you've made a phone call. That way you can spend your money, without your phone company or bank knowing what you've purchased, so you can finally enjoy some anonymity whilst enjoying yourself.

It's Very Secure

phone number depositingAs we've mentioned before, all you need to use mobile depositing is just your mobile phone number. That makes it secure by itself, since there's no additional personal details hanging around to possibly get snatched up by anyone. But the best feature by a country mile is the fact that only you can authorise a payment.

Whenever you input your mobile number to start a transaction, you'll receive an SMS confirming if you want to authorise the payment or not. If you do, then you just simply respond completely free of charge to complete the payment. If on the other hand, you are having second thoughts, then you can ignore the texts and forgo the charge altogether.

If you receive a text and you haven't made any payments, then you've caught a potential thief and can get in contact with your mobile provider to resolve the issue.

It really is as safe as making payments online can get.


self controlMobile depositing comes with a depositing limit of £30 for any single transaction. The idea behind it is to stop people running up massive phone bills, which is a smart move to make. Mobile depositing is the perfect payment method for those who only gamble on a budget and want to keep their spending down. If you like to gamble, but want a buffer to stop you overdoing it, then mobile depositing is not just safer, it'll save you money too.

The best part is that some mobile providers will allow you to increase your limit, as long as you contact them and your payment history reflects your ability to pay more than £30. It's a little extra pain for you to sort out, but the fact it's an option is a nice surprise.

Cons of Mobile Phone Bill Depositing

In the balance of fairness before you start mobile depositing, it's good to know what problems there are. The two biggest issues are:

  • Depositing Limits
  • Lack of withdrawal option

Boku LogoThe lower depositing limits are an issue we've mentioned above. If you want to just gamble a little every now and then, low depositing limits are a great way to curb your overspending. If you are a high roller and want to spend big at the casinos, mobile depositing probably isn't the method for you.

Mobile payment services like Boku Mobile can even recognise your number across multiple sites and impose a daily spending limit of £30 across all the casinos you visit, so it's good to work out a budget before you choose to pay by phone.

The additional issue with depositing via your phone bill, is that any cash comes from your phone credit. To withdraw your cash the same way would just mean you had a lot more phone credit, which isn't how anyone wants to spend their hard earned winnings. This means to withdraw your money, you'll have to use an alternative banking method.

cheque bookUsing an e-wallet or bank account may defeat the advantages of the service, since you'll just have to remember all your details and potentially risk your security and anonymity once more. However, many casinos offer cheque withdrawal, which is the perfect compliment to mobile depositing.

Cheque withdrawal means your account details remain secret and no one can intercept your cash on the way to you. The only issue is that cheque withdrawal is slower, taking about a week. But if you're the patient type, then you can still enjoy all the benefits of depositing via your mobile phone bill and still get your winnings.

Go Completely Mobile

pay by mobile goodOverall, mobile depositing is a little known banking method with a lot of strengths backing it up. The best part is, that a lot of the current disadvantages of the service are simply a problem with the tech. Mobile phone bill companies are working tirelessly to make the system cheaper, faster and simpler than ever before.

There's sure to be a day where you can combine your bank account and mobile phone number, to get even more streamlined mobile banking. It's simply a matter of time before the system is perfect, but as it stands now, it's head and shoulders above the rest for gamblers who want to play and pay on the go, from one single mobile device.

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