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Which GoWin Casino Banking Method Is Right For You?

which-gowin-payment-option-right-for-youGoWin has a range of banking options for players at our casino. But each of these payment methods have unique features which stand them apart. With so many payment options on display, it can be hard to know which one to use. After all, it's hardly practical to sign up for every single payment system we allow just to discover which platform's nuances might be right for you.

That's why we've compiled a breakdown of every one of our depositing and withdrawal methods, so you can swiftly decide which one is the right one for you in just a few minutes. Some of our banking options sacrifice speed for safety and others only offer depositing options with no withdrawal service. Whatever it is you're looking for, our breakdown below will help you through and make your payments all the more simple when you bank at GoWin.


Bank Card Payment

credit cardBank card payments are the most popular banking method at the online casinos. Since most players money is stored in their banks, it makes perfect sense to have all your payments handled directly from the source. Bank cards offer amazing security as any transaction made on a card is protected from fraud by your bank. All card payments are protected using 128 bit SSL encryption, which is exceptionally safe, so there's no worrying about your money or your bank details.

The major let down of bank card payments are the large amount of details you need to input in order to make a transaction. These details are key for security purposes, but when it comes to practicality, especially if you're out and about, then having to type in a 16 digit card number can get annoying. Of course, you can always save your bank card details on your GoWin account, but if you're not comfortable doing this, then the issue of long winded banking will continue to haunt you.

Bank cards also take the longest time out of all our methods to complete a withdrawal, taking up to five days. This time is a combination of both GoWin's own internal processing times and a few additional days on the bank's end, to confirm the payment is correct and safe. Of course, bank cards are also a depositing and withdrawal method rolled into one, so although the speeds might be slower when it comes to withdrawing your cash, at least you have the option to do so.

At the heart of it, if you're a customer who wants to keep all their money in one place, trusts the security that both GoWin and your bank offer, and don't mind waiting a couple of days for your winnings; then bank cards are the perfect banking method for you.


Boku Mobile Billing

Boku Mobile depositing is perfect for any players who want to game on the go. Boku Mobile is a very simple system that allows you to make payments using your mobile phone. Boku doesn't require a card payment or an online e-wallet to make its payments, instead it charges its cost directly to your mobile bill. In much the same way that your phone credit is deducted, or a charge is added to your end of the month phone bill every time you make a phone call or send an SMS, Boku charges your mobile phone in exactly the same way.

Gowin-Boku-iphone2-smallEvery time you make a deposit at GoWin using Boku mobile phone billing, you simply have to type in your mobile phone number. You'll then receive an SMS text, which if you respond to it, will authorise the payment. The beauty of Boku phone billing is how safe and simple it is. All you need to complete a payment is your mobile phone number, so it doesn't require long card details or a log in to an online account. Even with this lack of login info, your payments are still safe because you need to respond to the SMS to confirm your payment, meaning that someone just having your mobile phone number won't pose you any risk.

There are no additional charges to your mobile phone bill for using the service. You only pay what you want to deposit. Boku helps you keep track of your money even further, as it has a self enforced £30 daily deposit limit, so you're always on a budget when you use Boku, which is perfect for casual gamblers who want to keep their costs down.

The primary issue with Boku Mobile is that it can't withdraw your money. You can only deposit using Boku as it's a one way payment system, so you'll have to find an alternative method to withdraw your winnings. But if that isn't a problem for you, plus you like the idea of making quick payments with very little information to remember, and it'll save you money with its depositing limits; then Boku Mobile may be the depositing method for you.


Skrill or Neteller?

Although Skrill and Neteller are two separate e-wallets and payment methods at GoWin, the way they work is relatively similar. e-wallets are just an online bank account. Players can store their cash in an online wallet separate from their bank account, making payments at the casino either directly from their e-wallet or from their bank via their e-wallet.

e-wallets offer the best of both worlds as players get access to their online wallet and their bank account from one payment method. e-wallets also streamline a lot of other issues that players might have with bank payments. For instance, in order to authorise a payment, players don't need to type in their long card details. They simply need to login using either their Skrill or Neteller login details to access their online account and confirm any payments.skrill-vs-neteller

Players also have the ability to withdraw using either Skrill or Neteller banking and you can use the same accounts, so whether you're depositing or withdrawing, the process is always simple. e-wallets are the fastest withdrawal method as well, taking under a day to process after GoWin's own processing time is over, shaving off a few days compared to bank card withdrawal times.

Skrill and Neteller have their own individual differences which players will have to choose between. On the whole Neteller has more complicated login details, whilst Skrill has more hidden fees than Neteller. But whichever online wallet you chose between the two, you'll still get all the benefits of e-wallet banking at GoWin.



Paysafecard is a deposit only banking method, which may put some off immediately. It is also possibly the more complicated of the banking options on offer at GoWin. But what you get for those extra steps is a banking method which is completely anonymous, perfectly safe and can allow you to deposit with physical cash, which no other banking method will allow.

online-wallet-or-voucherPaysafecards are vouchers that are purchased in select high street shops, which you can purchase using real cash payment. Each voucher comes with a 16 digit code printed onto it, which is then typed into the casino in order to transfer the money from the voucher over to the casino and complete the payment. In much the same way you would use a voucher for a specific shop, Paysafecard is the same idea, but it is used for online stores and casinos.

Paysafecard also offers an e-wallet option, where you can input all your codes to save your money in an online wallet to use later. Instead of being stuck with handfuls of vouchers, you can just save all your cash to the wallet and make your casino payments from there instead.

The real strength of Paysafecard is not only that you risk no personal details as everything is handled using the 16 digit codes, but also you can effectively make cash payments to the casino, with the flexibility of having either a voucher or e-wallet payment system. If you're a depositor who doesn't mind finding an alternative withdrawal method and typing in the 16 digit codes for the peace of mind that true anonymity brings, then Paysafecard would your best option at GoWin.


The Whole Spectrum Of Payments At GoWin

gowin-casino-mobileWe hope our guide to the payment options at GoWin has been helpful and you can get to what's important about the casino; playing some games and having fun. In terms of safety, each one of the banking options is protected by the industry standards, with the utmost care being put behind each and every transaction. However, when it comes to a payment method that best fits your life, the differences are staggering.

Maybe you're a person who wants to keep all their finances handled by their bank. Or Maybe you're on the move a lot and feel mobile depositing will allow you more freedom. Possibly the speed and simplicity of e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller better fit your fast paced schedule. Or maybe you're happy to put in the time to keep your private life private using Paysafecard. Whatever it is, we hope we've now solved any payment problems you had and you're now able to get on and properly enjoy your time at GoWin.

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