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When Pigs Fly – Wait, What?

When Pigs Fly Feature ImageA wise man once said: “if people never did silly things, nothing intelligent would ever get done.” That’s exactly what NetEnt did when they produced this new slot, When Pigs Fly. They let their imagination run wild and drew out an absolutely zany, brilliant slot. Blast off into space with some pig-astronauts and embark on the search of the universe’s fortune (sizeable fortune, mind you; there’s up to 481,200 coins to be won in each spin). There are dynamic reels, free re-spins on every win and additional extra spins too. Read on to learn all about these different features.


Gameplay Screenshots

When Pigs Fly GameplayWhen Pigs Fly Normal Win


When Pigs Fly Mobile Slot Game Mechanics

You’ll notice one striking difference the moment you launch the game, that the reels are far from traditional. The reels have a cross-shaped configuration, such that there is one symbol on the the first row, followed by three symbols on the second, five on the third, three on the fourth and one on the fifth row. Instead of paylines, wins are generated on bet-ways instead. There are 45 to 3,125 different bet ways; these bet ways vary based on the number of consecutive wins and how the reels shift.

The reels in When Pigs Fly are furnished with brilliant cartoons, which include our dashing protagonist, a female  piggy with fluttering eyelashes, space helmets, spaceships and some mystery balloons too. The Wild symbol is none other than the balloon marked “Wild”; this symbol substitutes any other symbol to complete winning combinations. These Wild symbols can appear on reels two, three, four or five.

When Pigs Fly Big Win

You can adjust your the size of your wagers using two controls: coin size (from 0.01 to 0.2) and bet limit (50p to 100 quid). In other words, you can bet between 50p and £100 per spin — this sort of a complicated in-game currency is typical to NetEnt. The game developers are playing on your psychology – by distancing the cost of each spin to actual money denominations, players have a tendency to spend more cash and more impulsively too. Try not to be fooled and always keep an eye on your casino balance in the corner of your screen!

The slot isn’t all style without substance. Behind the funky style is a gaming algorithm that delivers 97% payout percentage. This payout percentage is much higher than most slots in the market and one that you do not want to miss. The game has mid-level variance, which means that there’s an even balance between number and size of payouts.


Bonus Features

These wonky-shaped reels really show of its revenue-generating potential in the re-spins feature. Every winning combination on the game activates a free re-spin. With every re-spin, two new positions will appear on the game board, along with even more betways and chances to win. For example, the first re-spin will give you 135 ways to win while the second gives you 405.

When Pigs Fly Extra Spins Gameplay

Players can score up to five re-spins in one streak (not an uncommon phenomenon and you will most definitely experience this once in an entire gaming session.) Anyway, should you be so lucky, you’ll unlock the traditional five reel, five row slot board and 1,875 ways to win. Not only that, you’ll also be rewarded with eight extra spins, which will run at the same bet level and coin value as your last paid spin.


User Interface And Gaming Experience

The cartoon theme evokes lots of nostalgia, especially among fellow Cartoon Network kids. The slot rhythm and silly characters coupled together can really numb your brain and supply pure entertainment. Another thing that I noticed and loved is how the soundtrack adapts to your gaming session. It’ll cheer for you as you win and up the beat when things are getting a little slow. This title is available to play on desktop, tablet and mobile phones.

When Pigs Fly Game Introduction


What's Great About When Pigs Fly Mobile Slot?

No slot developer can quite match NetEnt in terms of original content. Since its establishment in 1996, this gaming powerhouse has come up with over 120 original titles. Each slot is characterized by a thoroughly unique theme and innovative game features. There’s no re-using old tricks and revamping old fruit machines! Let’s name a few all-star favourites to jog your memory.

NetEnt is responsible for Starburst, where Wild symbols expand and take over the reels; South Park with three mini features inspired by South Park’s Kenny, Kyle and Stan; and Aloha! Cluster Pays with a funky Symbol Drop mechanism. I could name tens of interesting games by NetEnt. They churn out these games at an incredible pace too – about one a month! When Pigs Fly fits right in the rest of this impressive slot portfolio.


So, Here's Our Take On This Game

It’s not often that slot developers come up with such lovely, whimsical slots. Everything about When Pigs Fly is thoroughly entertaining – from the wacky pigs to the endless features; the escalating win streaks to free-flowing cash wins. This slot will surely attract both veteran players and new players alike. You'd be missing out if you didn't give it a fair try.

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