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Top 5 Myths About Online and Mobile Casinos

Myth StampOnline and mobile casinos often get a bad reputation off the back of misconceptions people hold about what casinos are like and how they operate. We think it’s a great shame that lots of people are missing out on enjoying such casinos because of poor information, or lack of research into the topic. That’s why we’ve put together this post, in which we aim to explode some of the biggest myths surrounding online and mobile casinos, and offer honest and reasonable reasons as to why people believe them and shouldn’t anymore.


They’re Less Fair Than Land-based Casinos

Fixed games and dodgy bonuses – that’s the charge levelled at mobile and online casinos, where many people think it’s easier to rip players off. You can see where the logic for this way of thinking comes from: you create the games, so surely you can fix them in your favour? Well, actually it isn’t as easy or as simple as that.

Online casino games, from slots to table games, all run off random number generators. These are bits of software that throw up random numbers to decide the outcome of a spin or card draw. For any licensed game developer of casino operator, these random number generators have to be verified by an independent third party, meaning there’s really no leg room for conning players, provided you play exclusively at legal casinos.


It’s Hard To Withdraw Your Winnings

withdrawal-slow-bankBut even if you win anything, they still won’t let you withdraw any of your winnings” – that’s the classic comment from the nay-sayers who want you to believe casinos have it out for you. The basic premise of this myth is that casinos will do anything to keep hold of your money, even if you won it fair and square and meet the requirements to withdraw it.

Let’s be honest with ourselves here – mobile casinos are businesses, and theirs is a business model which very much values repeat custom. It really makes no sense not to make prompt and full payments to players withdrawing, as chances are not doing so would put them off coming and playing again. Even if you look at it from this pretty mercenary point of view, it’s still in the casino’s favour for this myth not to be true.


Casino Bonuses Aren’t Worth Claiming

casino bonusNow this one isn’t so much a myth so much as a matter of opinion, however there are some flawed bits of logic tied up in this which could arguably be called a myth. Basically, lots of people point at the fact that wagering requirements and conversion caps make it hard to claim all the money you’re rewarded as a bonus back. While it’s often true that it’s harder, it’s not impossible to come out on top after claiming a bonus, and players are still recommended to claim them where possible.

Some people even believe that the odds are shifted more in favour of the casino if you choose to accept bonuses. So basically, if you’re playing with bonus cash, the games become harder to win. To answer this point I have to refer you straight back to the first myth mentioned in this list.


A String Of Bad Luck Always Ends With A Big Win

Wolf Run Extra Spins Big WinNow, this myth isn’t just true of online and mobile casinos and has dogged gamblers for hundreds of years, but with mobile slots it’s a belief that seems more prevalent than ever. In essence, the idea is that is you have enough spins which end in a loss, you’re guaranteed to enjoy a big win which will bring you back up in your budget.

This isn’t made any less prevalent by the fact players see the return to player rates published by casinos and take them to mean they’re guaranteed only to lose a specific, small percentages of their kitties. As attractive as this way of thinking is, it’s entirely untrue, and if you get stuck believing this, you can end up throwing good money after bad trying to reclaim your losses.


Online And Mobile Gambling Is A Legal Grey Area

UK Gambling Commission LogoThere’s a number of people who haven’t quite got their heads around the laws governing online and mobile casinos. While these people seem to think that there’s fewer rules and regulations surrounding online casinos than there are land-based ones (making them a less safe playing environment), quite the opposite is true. All casinos which want to operate legally have to sign up for licenses from relevant authorities (like the UK Gambling Commission), and follow a whole raft of guidelines which protect players’ money, safety and mental health.

Of course there are online and mobile casinos which operate outside of the law, not bothering to get a license, and not conforming to the rules which ensure they operate safely, fairly and ethically. Luckily, however, these often fraudulent sites are easy to spot a mile away and best avoided at all costs. While they might tempt you in with above average bonus offerings, it’s highly unlikely you’ll ever actually see any of that, or your own money again.

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