Top 5 gaming smartphones under £200


The mobile gaming market has quite literally exploded over the past 12 months like an egg hitting a wall at high velocity.

Ever since Angry Birds took to our handheld screens users have gone flapping crazy for the next big mobile gaming blockbuster.

In fact, Over 73% of smartphone users have gamed on their device at some point or another with many of that figure gaming regularly.

With this demand in games ever increasing smartphones have had to get smarter, faster and bigger.

The issue with smarter phones, faster processors and big lush screens is that they cost more to produce and ultimately cost more to buy.

However, we here at GoWin’s mobile phone laboratory have managed to put together a list of the 5 best gaming smartphones under £200 so you can enjoy gaming whatever your budget.

#1 Motorola moto G

Priced at around £100 the Motorola Moto G is an all-round gaming superstar in the sub £200 category.

A couple of years ago this phone would be sitting around the £300 sale point thanks to its good looks and solid build quality.

However, it’s not the style we’re so much concerned about it’s the grunt under the hood that will power our games that we want to know about.

With its quad-core snapdragon 400 CPU this beauty has enough power to pump 720p visuals on to its generous 4.5 inch display which is very similar in spec to that of the prestigious iPhone 5S. Gaming on this device is a breeze. All this for such a low cost, as well as running the latest 4.4 Android OS. Stunning we say and a fabulous platform to showcase your pictures to all your mates.

#2 Nokia Lumia 630

Nokia Lumia

Nokia’s offering is the only Windows phone in our list but by no means is it the odd one out or a let-down. Not only does this beauty feature Windows new 8.1 operating system straight from the box it also comes in an array of funky colours to choose from too.

But enough already about its gorgeous looks, we want to tell you about its gaming prowess.

Packing a punchy 1.2GHz quad-core processor was a great move by Nokia.

Not only can this device handle images with consummate ease they also look great on the 4.5 inch display too meaning you have a lot of on screen space to play games, watch movies and look at your snaps.

To make things sweeter Nokia's handset manages to squeeze about 12 hours out of its battery after each charge meaning you can play all day without the worry of having to find a charge.  Remarkable.

#3 Sony Experia M2

Sony M2

Looking at Sony’s mid-range offering we have a mobile device that can deliver a hand-held gaming experience on one of the largest screens in its class.

Not only is the 4.8-inch screen a marvel to view but it looks typical Sony too. Sleek, sexy, premium and it sits comfortably in the hand as well.

Sony’s M2 performs well alongside its competitors powered by a 1.2 quad-core work-horse the device has no problems throwing graphics around its screen coupled with a smooth frame rate.

Running Transformers: Dark side of the moon movie was a dream and the sound quality is liquid gold as you'd expect from Sony.

A sleek affordable gaming device with a premium badge.

#4 HTC Desire 610


HTC have always been associated with quality and the ability to buck trends with their operating systems and handset designs.

However, HTC also know when to use tried and tested technology in tandem with innovation to give their devices an edge. Thanks to the steadfast quad-core Snapdragon 400 and healthy 1GB of RAM in the locker the HTC speeds around its tasks with ease whilst looking great.

Games played on the device leap off the screen with visual majesty and the viewing angles are fab for a 4.7-inch screen. Battery life is very good, about 9 – 10 hours, and the drilled speaker holes give the handset a lovely look as well a quality sound.

Maybe this is the gaming ‘droid you’re looking for?’

#5 Samsung Galaxy S3

Galaxy S3

It’s strange to think that two years ago this phone was one of the most powerful smartphones in the market.

Regardless of its age now compared to other handsets in this list the Samsung Galaxy S3 is still a powerhouse and more than capable of running today's demanding games.

Fitted with a quad-core GPU and a large, vivid, rich 4.8-inch 720p super AMOLED display HD gaming experiences and movies burst with life on this beautiful curvy handset.

We cant go on about it enough but the S3 screen really is its main selling point, movies look awesome on it too. The sound quality is excellent and the load speaker is also able to produce stunning audio for those moments you want to bang a tune on in your room.

Although just under £200 this is the most expensive handset in the list…but that screen, oh that screen! Fabulous.

Thanks for reading!

If you'd like to recommend a handset or think you can add to our list let us know in the comments below? It'll be great hearing from!

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