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Top 5 budget gaming laptops

gaming laptops

Gaming consoles are awesome, we love them here at GoWin towers. If we're not running each other over in Grand Theft Auto on the Xbox, shooting aliens in the buttocks on the PlayStation or vying for bragging rights on Nintendo Wii tennis then the office is usually vacant.

But, what if we wanted to snatch a quick game of FIFA 15 on the train or play Elder Scrolls whilst visiting the mother-in-law (with console standard graphics of course), we couldn't.

In fact, no one could do that with a console, you just don't have the portability. You'd have to somehow pack the bloody Xbox, wires, games, controller(s) and possibly lug the tele with you just to fit in a quick game.

However, with a little bit of laptop wizardry your gaming problems could be solved.

It can't be any laptop though, you'd have to have a laptop that can deal with the technical demands of today's modern games.

You need a gaming laptop and we've got 5 beauties lined up (not listed in any order, in case you're wondering) to help you choose which one will give you high-powered, portable gaming goodness at a price that won't damage your pocket.

#1 Lenovo Ideapad Y510p

Lenovo Ideapad YS10p

let's get straight to the point here, the Lenovo Ideapad is a fabulous gaming laptop.

Games like ‘World of Warcraft' blister along at around 127 frames per second which if you were to understand that the new PlayStation 4 console blasts out most of its games at around 60 frames per second, that gives you an idea about this little beauties speed.

All this graphical wizardry is produced by a convincingly fast graphic card wonderfully named the NVidia Geforce GT 750m (rolls off the tongue, eh?) coupled with the most powerful i7 quad-core processor Intel currently make.  With this package you also get a very speedy SSD (Solid State Drive) which allows for an extremely fast start up, a 1 Terabyte  (1000 GB's) of hard drive and 8GB of RAM all illuminated by a wonderful backlit keyboard, oh, and you get a gorgeous high resolution screen, great internal speakers and the ability to expand and upgrade the RAM for extra gaming grunt all for a very competitive price.

An all-in-one powerful gaming platform.

#2 MSI: GP60


The MSI GP60 was designed with only one thing in mind; gaming.

Packing a high resolution screen with a wonderfully wide viewing angle this gaming powerhouse not only looks the part but can also handle anything that is thrown at it.

With a specially designed gaming keyboard that can deal with no less than 10 simultaneous keyboard strokes (that's a lot) no game is too big for this laptop.

Powered by Intel's flagship i7 processor graphic rich blockbusters such as ‘Bioshock Infinite' run as smooth as molten honey with plenty of juice to spare no thanks to the MSI's NVida 750MT graphic card.

To polish the package off you get a 750 GB hard-drive and 8GB of RAM all in a laptop small enough to slip in your bag and one that gives the next generation consoles the finger. 

An absolute must have for hardcore gamers.

#3 Toshiba QOSMIO

Toshiba QOSMIO

Toshiba have left no stone unturned with their Q-series gaming laptops.

Boasting sexy styling which showcases the gorgeous 1080p High resolution display this beautiful Japanese creation is capable of projecting the Toshiba's powerful performance in stunning HD. To demonstrate how powerful this monster is tests revealed that you could open 10 Google Chrome browsers, stream a full episode of Breaking Bad and run a full security scan without it ever breaking in to a sweat…marvellous!

As well as having more grunt under the hood than a Koenigsegg super car thanks to Intel's i7 processing chip the laptop's graphical credentials surpass many of its more costly rivals demonstrated by the fact that it can run ‘World of Warcraft' at 102 frames per second as opposed to the 60 frames per second mentioned earlier by the PS4.

A great gaming laptop for those that love RPG's.   

#4 ACER Aspire V3-772G

ACER Aspire V3 772G

Acer have developed a gaming monster with their V3 Aspire. As with all our gaming laptops their core CPU power comes in the form of Intel's ever reliable and ultra rapid i7 processor.

With near desktop levels of power thanks to a turbo boost of 3.2 GHz intermixed with Nvidia's GeForce GT 750M graphic card you have a gaming laptop very much worthy of the name. Games like Crysis 3 ,which is extremely graphically rich, plays out silky smooth on the gorgeous 17.5in HD screen.

Games also spring into life with its crisp and clean sounding audio system from its sleek well designed body which also does a great job in dissipating heat generated from its powerful innards. 

A serious contender for the most powerful gaming laptop on a budget.

#5 HP Envy DV6

HP Envy DV6

Again with the HP Envy you are presented with the ever present processor of choice for gaming laptops of this current generation, Intel's i7.

HP have kitted out their Envy line-up with every bit of luxurious gaming paraphernalia imaginable. Games such as Mass Effect 3 can even run a respectable 25 frames per second with the graphic settings pumped up to ultra, something many powerful desktop computers can struggle with, no mean feat at all.

Not only that but all this gaming prowess is delivered in virtual silence as the cooling fans run at a whisper, unlike the the audio system which delivers fantastic booming acoustics thanks to 4 neatly integrated speakers and an inbuilt sub-woofer which is almost unheard of in a laptop of this size not to mention super convenient when travelling.

An awesome laptop worthy of show-boating to your mates.

So, whether you want blisteringly fast performance or jaw dropping visuals and as well as rapid processing both the Lenovo and MSI GP60 offer them by the bucket load. If you want super fast frame rates and online gaming stamina coupled up with Intel's fastest processing mother-board you'll find the Toshiba, ACER and HP all pack these console busting components. All the above laptops offer Stella gaming experiences and performance at an affordable price.

If you think we've missed a really good gaming laptop off our list, or you'd would recommend one or think you can do better than the above, we'd love to hear from you in the comments below!

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