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pay by phone depositHere at GoWin Casino, we spend an awful lot of our time talking about the great elements that make mobile deposits so worth using. In all those posts, we spend ages talking about the benefits of using SMS billing to make deposits at mobile casinos or explaining how you should use them. Here’s an unpopular thought: for some people at certain times, mobile phone billing deposits can be more of a hassle than they’re worth.

Golly, it’s a weird thing to actually write that out, but sometimes it’s actually worth examining the things you love through the lens of what makes them bad. In this spirit, we’re going to give you a few points to consider when it comes to using mobile phone bill deposits and even (heretically) suggest a few alternative payment methods that might fit your current needs a little bit better.


The Minimum And Maximum Deposit

boku deposit limitYou’re playing at a mobile casino — you obviously appreciate the freedom that playing on the go affords you. Why oh why, then, would you want to limit yourself so much by choosing to use a mobile casino deposit option that has rather strict minimum and maximum deposit limitations? Most phone bill depositing payment intermediaries will only allow you to deposit up to £10 per transaction and up to £30 per day. The deposits usually start from £5, but can sometimes go as low as £3 and as high as £20.

These are the smallest limits of any depositing option, meaning that the chances you’re going to have to simply deposit again later with another payment method are rather high. So if you are a player, who usually goes through more than £30 in regular intervals, why limit yourself? You could consider switching to an e-wallet or some other method right from the outset.


The Availability Of Mobile Phone Deposits

Speaking of limitations, what about the limitations on where you can play if you’re fully signed up to using mobile phone bill deposits? While it’s true that a growing number of casinos are accepting these deposits and a record number of new casinos this year featured them as a depositing option, that’s still not a guarantee that any casino you visit will allow you to deposit via phone bill.

The sad fact is that still some of the very best mobile casinos out there don’t allow players to make deposits via phone bill. If you want to make sure you can play wherever you want, you’re far better off choosing a different payment option. Otherwise, seek out a mobile casino that facilitates such payments if that's the way you want to deposit and double-check that they do before you register for an account to avoid disappointment.


When It Comes To Withdrawals…

cheque book

Here’s the real biggie that pisses an awful lot of players off. Even though casinos are happy to take your deposits via phone billing, you’re unable to make withdrawals via this method. This means that if you want to be able to claim your winnings, you have to use a bank transfer or even wait for a cheque in the mail.

There are very few depositing options, which make you go through this rigmarole to be able to get your hands on honestly won money. To us, it seems like a no-brainer that you’d want to get your hands on your cash as fast as possible… That said, if you are a casual player with no haste to get your withdrawal and are alright to stay put and wait for a bank transfer to come through in a week's time, we don't see why you shouldn't be using mobile phone billing.


The Alternatives

So, we bet you’re wondering what we’d suggest using instead of mobile phone bill deposits, especially if you’re already using them regularly? Well, that totally comes down to personal preference, but for our money you want to be trying out e-payment options like Trustly or Zimpler.

These are both e-wallets, which have been specifically designed with mobile casino players in mind and even model some of their operation on phone bill deposits. They’ve both got high limits, they’re increasing their reach to more and more casinos and they both facilitate withdrawals too. What more could you ask for?

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