The Team

Our tireless team works long hours to ensure that you get the best possible experience of our site and everything on it.

We’re divided into a few smaller teams. Here’s a little introduction to the main players!

Martina – Head of Content
It takes some firm steering to get everything running as smoothly as possible. We have Martina to thank for that, as our indefatigable Head of Content.

Make sure to get in touch with her if you have any questions or concerns relating to GoWin – she’ll be glad to answer them.

Sports – Kristoffer and Richard are in charge of our online betting predictions and tips. They stay constantly up to date with the all the upheavals and various competitions in the sports department.

  • Kristoffer – Online Betting Editor
  • Richard – eSports and Football Betting Editor

Casino Games – Those in charge of writing all about classic casino games sometimes manage to get their noses out of their cards long enough to get some articles done. Kasper and Claus will roll out pages and pages on Roulette and Blackjack, while Tomas tackles the ever-growing mountain of slots – for the win!

  • Kasper – Roulette Content Editor
  • Claus – Blackjack Content Editor
  • Tomas – Slots Content Editor

Tech & Regulation – We’ve got some serious ladies covering the topics of mobile technology and regulation, as they relate to the field of iGaming. Lilly will sniff out casino scams and advise you on what the latest regulatory changes are. Meanwhile Daisy will keep you well-versed in all there is to do with mobile technology news.

  • Daisy – Mobile Gaming and Technology Editor
  • Lilly – Regulation and Legality Editor