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The GoWin Guide To Problem Gambling And Finding Help

Problem GamblingYou may or may not realise this, but on top of wanting to deliver the best possible gambling experiences, we here at GoWin Casino have a duty of care towards our players, not least when it comes to the topic of responsible gambling and problem gambling. For the vast majority of players who visit our casino, gambling is simply a fun pastime which they use for entertainment and time killing purposes – they might win a little here, lose a little there, but those wins and losses are within what they can expect to pay for a good time.

For a small minority, though, the drive to gamble has shifted from fun to a necessity, and these players will take greater risks in order to play. This is what is referred to a ‘problem gambling’, and it can manifest itself in a number of guises. In this post, we’ll look at the ways you can identify problem gambling in yourself, and ways you can get help, both here at GoWin, and with other organisations.

Identifying Problem Gambling

mobile-gambler-rookie-mistakeAlthough every player is unique, and their definition of problem gambling will be subtly different, there are certain patterns which imply your gambling habits are a cause for concern. Below is a list of typical traits of problem gamblers – if you identify with one or more of them, it may be time to seek help.

  • You gamble until you’ve spent all your money
  • You gamble more to try and win back losses
  • Friends or family have commented on your gambling habits
  • You hide how much time or money you’re spending on gambling from family or friends
  • You gamble to try and get away from other issues in your life
  • You gamble to relieve boredom, stress or unhappiness
  • You spend time gambling when you should be working, studying or doing something else
  • You’ve lied, stolen or borrowed money because of gambling
  • Gambling is making you feel depressed or suicidal


Finding Help For Problem Gambling

How We Can Help

Here to Talk

There’s a number of ways we here at GoWin can help you get a handle on things if you think gambling is becoming a problem for you. First and foremost, we’re here to talk. If you contact us via our customer support, you’ll be put in touch with a highly trained member of staff who is willing and qualified to listen to you, discuss the nature of problem gambling, and signpost you to places you can find further support.

Get More Information About Your Gambling

It may be the case that you suspect you’re spending too much on gambling, but don’t really have the clearest of ideas how much outgoings you’re really losing to the pastime. Luckily, we keep detailed records of every deposit you make, and can even tell you down to the minute how much and when you wager. If you contact customer support, we can provide you with this information, to give you a better idea of how much you’re spending at our casino.

Deposit Limits

If you decide that gambling spending has become an issue, but you’re not quite ready to stop completely quite yet, we make it super easy for you to set deposit limits on your account. You can still use your favoured deposit methods, and use GoWin in exactly the same way you always have, the only difference will be that you can only deposit up to an agreed amount within an agreed time-frame. This is a great option for those who tend to lose track of what they’ve deposited and played.


Casino Self-Exclusion For those who need a more restrictive limit placed on their gambling, we offer the chance to temporarily or permanently self-exclude from GoWin. What this effectively means is that you cannot access GoWin, deposit, or play any of our games for real money within the time you’ve chosen to self-exclude. Temporary self-exclusion is good for players who want some cooling off time, while permanent self-exclusion is the right move for players who want to stop gambling altogether.


Finding Help Elsewhere

While we’re keen to help how we can, the fact is there are other organisations better qualified to help problem gamblers back on the road to recovery.


Gamcare LogoIf you’re living in the UK, the best place to turn if you or a friend or family member is struggling with a gambling problem is Gamcare. Gamcare is a registered charity which specialises in helping those affected by problem gambling. You can get one to one and confidential telephone support and counselling by calling, or by visiting

Gamblers Anonymous

If you want to share your experience of problem gambling in a non-judgemental forum, and find help through hearing the stories of others, then signing up to a Gamblers Anonymous group may be the right move for you. Just like other addiction support groups, Gamblers Anonymous is run and attended by those who have experienced problem gambling, and is the ideal place to find those who understand exactly what you’re going through.

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