Microgaming Casinos

Microgaming casinos have been around for pretty much as long as online gambling has been a thing. It’s no exaggeration to say that Microgaming was a pioneer in online gaming, with the first Microgaming casino launching on the internet as early as 1994, with the company continuing to innovate today.
Having been one of the first developers to create an online casino, it went on to become one of the first to launch mobile games over a decade later, and has constantly justified its position in the top slot in the rankings of games developers.
These days, Microgaming casinos are everywhere, and if you’re an online and/or mobile gambler, there’s pretty much no chance you’ll not have played at at least one or two. Ranging from the simplest of mobile gambling sites to full blown giants of iGambling, Microgaming casinos everywhere deserve your full attention as they are unique, innovative and highly rewarding too.

About The Games Of Microgaming Casinos

Because Microgaming has been making slots and casino games for so long, its style is hard to pin down to a single type. There are over 850 unique Microgaming casino game titles, which expand into over 1,200 games if you count variants of games. If you were to look at Microgaming casinos which only served up games from the single developer, you wouldn’t be short of choice.
Of course, there’s the well-known slots and casino games, but did you know that Microgaming also delivers multiplayer games, poker, bingo, live dealer games (which make Microgaming casinos feel like the real thing), and even offer sportsbook solutions for certain operators?
So what games are most likely to stand out at Microgaming casinos? Well, despite having such a huge back catalogue, there is still a handful of games Microgaming is particularly famous for. There are the simple slots which managed to make unlikely names for themselves – such as the Thunderstruck series, or Immortal Romance – games which appear out of nowhere, and appear to take the industry by storm.
Then there’s the massive jackpot slots, chief among which Mega Moolah stands; famous for creating the first mobile slot millionaire! And then, of course, are the branded slots, which prove that games of Microgaming casinos are such high quality, brands like Jurassic Park and Playboy want to team up with them.

microgaming casinos

Why Play At Microgaming Casinos?

There’s no one reason to play at Microgaming casinos – the main thing to know is that whatever you’re looking for, Microgaming will deliver it. For instance, if you’re a keen slots player, exploring Microgaming casinos will let you enjoy literally hundreds of exciting games tailored to all kind of different tastes; high or low volatility, fun or serious themes, with ever kind of feature you can imagine.
If, on the other hand, you’re more into chasing jackpots, you can relax in the knowledge that Microgaming casinos are responsible for delivering some of the highest single payouts in online and mobile casino history. Whatever playing experience you’re chasing, you’ll find it at one of the many Microgaming casinos dotted around the web.