Aristocrat Casino

Aristocrat Software Developer LogoWith more and more young software providers competing for a place under the sun, it’s good to look back and remind ourselves of the old-school companies who set the standard for today’s industry.

Aristocrat is one of these. The company put its first slot machine out in 1953, which is eons ago by gaming standards.

They are an incredibly famous Australian software provider that started out by specializing in designing land-based slot machines. Currently, they have over 5000 employees scattered throughout 90 different countries.

Their physical slot machines, which they still produce to this day, are licensed in over 200 jurisdictions.

Seeing the state of the gambling industry today, it’s practically impossible for old-school companies to stay afloat without following the online trend. Aristocrat has no issues there – they understood this quickly enough and started providing online games as early as 2000.

Nowadays, alongside their classic physical slot machines, Aristocrat produce virtual slot games, virtual card games and table games, as well as linked jackpot systems.

You can even find their older slot machine classics online. If you’re into retro-gaming or you’d like a taste of what gambling was like in the old days, those might just be the perfect choice for you.

Most Popular Slot Games From Aristocrat

As most of these are classics, they use a similar slot reel configuration. Here are some of the beloved and most-played games from Aristocrat, transferred from the old-school machine to the modern mobile device:

Queen of the Nile

This is easily the most well-known of Aristocrat’s games. It’s an old favourite that has managed to endure from the good old days of the gambling industry.

Queen of the Nile is a classic Egyptian-themed 5×3 casino slot game. It has the usual Egyptian aesthetics for all you Ancient Egypt aficionados; the symbols range from the eye of Ra to pyramids to golden scarabs.

Each symbol has its own value, the scarab having the highest: it provides a 400x boost. You can win free spins by stacking enough of the Wild Symbols (pyramids, and the Queen of the Nile herself).

All in all, it’s a pretty straight-forward game. But if you fancy yourself a slots connoisseur, playing Queen of the Nile can probably make you appreciate how far slot game designs have come today.


Aristocrat Geisha SlotAnother classic slot game is Aristocrat’s Geisha. This one is based on another of the industry’s favourite aesthetics, after Ancient Egypt: Japan. Seeing how old Geisha is however, it wouldn’t be too much of a reach to suggest that Aristocrat might’ve launched that particular trend.

It generally has the same features as Queen of the Nile, except it promises pretty steep pay-offs. You have the classic features of symbols with varied values, and wilds that can multiply your winnings.

It’s now available to play on mobile devices, and you can even play it for free!

50 Lions

Like the others, the title pretty much explains the game aesthetic. You have your usual 5×3 slots, but this time your screen is overrun by lions rather than Egyptian gold or painted fans.

As the lions are the game’s VIP, they are naturally the symbols that have the largest value. While playing you can let yourself bask in the desert sunset and enjoy the game’s kitsch African graphics.

This is another of Aristocrat’s games that you can choose to play for free or for real money. It’s available on mobile, so you can judge its features for yourself by trying it out without deposit.

Casinos That Use Aristocrat

Aristocrat’s games might be well-known classics, but they still have to compete with the modern-day extravaganza of fancy slot games.

Thankfully, there are online casinos, which know their gambling history and include them in their repertoire. Here are a few casinos that feature Aristocrat games – enjoy!

  • HelloCasino
  • Flume
  • Videoslots
  • Casinoluck
  • Karamba Casino