EuroMillions Casino Review

EuroMillions is a lottery service everyone is familiar with. It’s available in nine countries across Europe and can be viewed twice a week on TV. There’s plenty of online stuff to engage with too and we couldn’t be more grateful for that.

Is there anything EuroMillions doesn’t get right? Well, a couple of things but that really depends on your perception of how you view the lottery. You may have participated in it at least once in your life already.

If not, then you should definitely consider doing so as it could change your life (and that isn’t meant lightly!). Even a small fortune of several hundred thousand could make a huge difference. It’s a huge organisation and if you’re any kind of gambler then you’ve probably taken part in the lottery before.

Interested? Then you should check out our full review of EuroMillions right here.

EuroMillions UKLaunched more than ten years ago now, EuroMillions is the transitional lottery service that transcends countries. In fact, it is operational in nine European nations at this time in writing.

It has made millionaires of many individuals and those who only gain a small portion of the vast fortune up for grabs still earn quite a bit of money.

Is it a perfect lottery service? Well, no, but that doesn’t make it terrible. Far from it, actually. Why don’t we take a deeper look and find out?

Founded: 2004

Licensed countries: UK

EuroMillions Review And Features

EuroMillions, like many lottery services, holds a draw every week (every Tuesday and Friday, to be exact) and seven lucky numbers are drawn spelling out that lucky individual who happens to have them.

Owned by the Camelot Group, players can expect the following the requirements:

  • Ticket Price: £2.50
  • Numbers selected: 1 – 50
  • Max numbers: 7
  • Lucky star: 2
  • Average prize: £32 million
  • Expected prize: £1 million

EuroMillions has no restriction on nationality to participate, so you can be in any of the above nations to win the prize. The draw takes place in Paris at 20:45 two days every week, again listed above.

EuroMillions Lottery Games

Being part of a massive lottery group, there are several different services that are available to UK players. You can partake in them by purchasing a ticket much in the same fashion as EuroMillions, only on different nights of the week.

Here are all the different lottery games coupled with EuroMillions:

  • Lotto
  • Instant Win
  • Thunderball
  • Lotto Hotpicks
  • EuroMillion Hotpicks

So, you see, there are plenty of chances for UK players to get a small fortune other than with EuroMillions. The National Lottery (or the Lotto) is the next favourite as it is the game everyone in the UK recognises and many partake in.

If your luck isn’t that good with the EuroMillions, then definitely try it with the Lotto or even Thunderball. That way your chances of becoming rich will increase. Only slightly, we’ll admit, but it’s better than no chance at all.

EuroMillions Casino Mobile and Tablet Usage

EuroMillions was not initially designed to be a mobile-only site. However, seeing as times have moved on and technology is more advanced, the EuroMillions sites is more accessible than it has ever been before. Not only can you access it by a web browser, but also by the app!

Here is the app in question and where to download it:

  • EuroMillions Result: Available on the Apple iOS Store and the Google Play Store
  • The National Lottery: Available on the Apple iOS Store and the Google Play Store

As we said, as well as a TV, you can watch your numbers being drawn online. Usually, on the day after, if you enter the numbers on your ticket, you can log on to the website and check your numbers there.

Here is a list of all the browsers where you can access EuroMillions:

  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Firefox

In short, EuroMillions is super-accessible and you can use your smartphone or your computer to access your numbers if you happen to miss the live TV announcement.

In fact, because of the convenience of the apps, less and less people are watching the TV broadcast. We can’t say this is a good thing, but it’s most definitely not a bad thing.

EuroMillions in the Press and Advertising

Being such a huge organisation, EuroMillions has a very strong advertising campaign. As a matter of fact, they’re so ubiquitous we would go as far as to claim that they almost don’t need it. Their TV, newspaper and billboard advertising are everywhere (and we mean everywhere), so much so that it's near-impossible to avoid.

Here’s an example of one of their TV adverts from 2016:

As you can see, they try to make it relevant by blending humour into their advertising strategy. A mundane problem (reversing) juxtaposed with a high-class lifestyle (the yacht) is a simple yet effective way of delivering the message that, yes, even the most average Joe can get the millions which are up for grabs.

On top of this, EuroMillions have a strong social media presence. Coupled with their strategy of keeping up with the times, they like to keep in touch with their players through this method as much as advertising on TV.

The list of social media they have is as follows:

Great social media presence, great advertising campaign… Yes, it is truly hard to escape the EuroMillions lottery. In short, they are everywhere.

EuroMillions Sign Up & How to Play

Euromillions ticketAll you need to do to play EuroMillions is to buy a ticket. That is it! Once you get your ticket with the numbers on them, you can use them to play in the lottery draw.

If you want to create an online account, however, you need to register on the website. This is simple and quick to do, so there’s no need to worry.

EuroMillions Other Prizes

Naturally, the EuroMillion prize isn’t the only prize up for grabs when it comes to the National Lottery. Quite the contrary! Participating in other lottery services will get you a myriad of prizes.

Here are all the current prizes up for grabs:

  • National Lottery: £1 million
  • Lotto Hotpicks: £350,000
  • EuroMillions: £97,000

The above are unclaimed winnings which you can claim if your check out the website and ensure that your ticket is the winning entry.

EuroMillions Payment Method

Being forward-thinking, EuroMillions naturally has other means for payment besides cash. If you use the app on your mobile device, you can pay using more digital methods, depending on which device you use of course.

Here are the digital methods permitted:

  • Apple Payment
  • Google Play payment
  • PingIt Payment

In short, it’s fairly accessible to anyone who has a smartphone and anyone that has a bank account or spare cash in their pocket.

EuroMillions Support & Contact

Finally, let’s talk about customer service! EuroMillions, aside from their social media presence, has numerous methods in which to contact them. So many, in fact, that there’s almost no excuse for it if anything goes wrong.

Here are all their point of contact details:

  • Live Chat: Open 24/7
  • Phone: 0333 234 44 33 (Online)
  • Post: General Enquiries – The National Lottery; PO Box 251; Watford WD18 9BR
  • FAQ

Overall, EuroMillions is a really great lottery service to be a part of. It’s got everything, from complete availability to ubiquitous advertising (although some may find this irksome), to making all players feel secure with all their tickets purchased.

Frequent broadcasts make the whole affair much easier to manage and online accessibility even more so. In short, a near-perfect lottery service that many people have access to.