BetVictor Casino Review

One of the largest bookmakers on the UK market, BetVictor is a monster of an online casino. The company itself is huge and makes money in its sleep thanks to the amount of customers that are signed up to one BetVictor site or another.

With hundreds of games available and a ton of promotional deals, how can one resist all that they have to offer?


BetVictor is one of the UK's oldest and top bookmakers. With more than fifty years of experience to back them up, it was only a matter of time before they would establish themselves online.

But can they make a good online casino as they can a real-life bookmaker? This is what we hope to uncover in our BitVictor casino review.

While its focus may be more on the sports betting side of things, we like to think BetVictor is still pretty decent at being a mobile casino operator. Read our review and you'll likely end up standing on the same ground.

  • Founded: 1946
  • Licensed countries: UK

BetVictor Casino Reviews And Features

betvictor casino lobby

Being a bookmaker, BetVictor is naturally heavily focused on sports betting. However, sports betting isn't the only thing they do. It's definitely a good casino in its own right, even without the sports. Here is everything they have to offer:

  • Sports Betting: BetVictor features many kinds of sports betting
  • Live Casino: BetVictor features different live casino games including Baccarat, Blackjack, and Roulette
  • Classic Slots: BetVictor features video and classic slots that tailor to all kinds of tastes

For a bookmaker, BetVictor doesn't neglect other forms of gambling. Thus, their casino is just as good as their sportsbooks. This makes their selection of content varied and means that they have a broad appeal.

BetVictor Casino Games & Providers

The amount of game software providers at BetVictor is quite extensive too. Naturally, being one of the bigger players on the market, they have the upper hand in being able to afford more licenses for multiple big gambling software companies.

Here's the list of the entire content providers at this operator:

Having chosen a range of top developers as well as some lesser known ones, BetVictor has given players precisely what they need in varied content. There are also a lot of games to choose from, making the back catalogue of games rich as well as numerous.

Mobile and Tablet Usage

betvictor gameplayBetVictor may be an old operator, but it is also extremely modern. They know that mobile capability is what drives the market these days. This is why they have developed excellent mobile apps for all tablet and phone users.

  • BetVictor has an app for Android on the Google Play Store
  • BetVictor has two apps for Apple users on the iOS App Store

Both of these are accessible via an icon from their page.

Besides, it doesn't stop with mobile users. All desktop players can interact with the site too on their own internet browser. So, BetVictor is adaptable to all kinds of players in more ways than just what kind of gambling they prefer.

Here is a list of all the browsers where you can access BetVictor Casino:

  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Firefox

Hopefully, BetVictor will develop more apps to go along with its website and continue to make profits from it.

BetVictor Casino in the Press and Advertising

Even a glance at their website can tell you how much money BetVictor has. Everything with their name on it is extremely polished and well-produced. That includes their advertising campaigns and presence in the press, too.

Being such an old company, they've accrued enough cash to advertise in the nation's newspapers and on TV. They have run numerous advertising campaigns over the years as well.

Their latest one has to be their most inventive by far. It involves a man walking into an isolated desert bunk where a load of futuristic servers calculate the odds of numerous sports. The voice-over states that computers have taken over sports and turned into a “science”.

The man then kicks the ball at the glass servers, smashing them all and causing them to explode, reclaiming the “beautiful” unpredictability of sports. It's pretty entertaining.

This lends to the idea that they also have a strong social media presence. In addition to having a Facebook page, they also sport several Twitter profiles and an Instagram account.

In short, their online activity is excellent due to the regular scheduling of posts and content which helps fans engage with them on another level.

Follow their social media profiles if you want to keep up with the football scores or if you just want to see what new fabulous promotions they offer.

BetVictor Casino Popular Games & Slots

Like every mobile casino, BetVictor has plenty of featured games on the front page of their site. This helps guide players towards games which they are otherwise unsure about. Plus, it serves as some pretty handy advertisement on the software developers' part.

Here's a list of the top three games on the site right now:

There are plenty of other titles at BetVictor to check out too, so be sure to do so. Sign up today and see!

BetVictor Casino Sign Up & Gameplay

betvictor sign up screen

Becoming a member at BetVictor is fairly simple. All you have to do is log onto the front page, click “register” and fill out the appropriate details to create your account.

You can then use this account to access all the features on the site, including all the sports betting side too. You will also have access to the promotions and bonuses on offer, including the welcome package.

BetVictor Casino Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus at BetVictor is incredibly generous, if we don't say so ourselves. It's a great way to start the journey and it comes right after you sign up and make a deposit.

Current Bonus: Sign up, deposit £10 and you'll get £50 in bets, resulting in £60 to play with.

Not a bad amount without having to do much gambling first. Plus, there's an array of alternative welcome offers for sportsbook fans. Access the site to explore the full list of their current promotions.

sports betting welcome bonus betvictor

BetVictor Payment Method

There's quite a range of payment options available to use when you make your deposits and withdrawals at BetVictor.

It makes for a much more convenient and simpler time than it otherwise would be. Here are all the methods they offer:

While there may be others that they don't do, BetVictor once again appeal to many players by offering these choices alone.

BetVictor Casino Support & Contact

Lastly, customer support at BetVictor is sturdy and helpful. There are numerous points of contact you can use if you ever encounter an issue with the site. Here are all their primary contact details:

In conclusion, BetVictor is a great casino that has an enormous presence in the sports betting industry. That doesn't mean, however, that it's bad at its casino side.