bet-at-home Casino Review

Bet-at-home has been online for almost two decades. This is an impressive amount of time as, in our experience, most mobile casinos barely last a couple of years.

It didn’t keep its loyal customer base through looks alone. The slightly dated appearance may put some users off initially but, if anything, bet-at-home is a casino that proves appearances can be truly deceiving.

Excellent games, excellent customer support and excellent banking make this one to write home about. There’s little to complain about this operator and we couldn’t be more grateful for it.


When you've been kicking around for two decades, you might pick up a bit of a loyal customer base. That bet-at-home has in droves. It shows that an operator like this can thrive for a long time.

However, does it have a place in the modern casino landscape? That's what you'll find out in our bet-at-home casino review.

Let's take a good look then at what bet-at-home has to give players and why it has lasted for so long.

bet-at-home Casino Slot Reviews and Features

Bet-at-home is mostly a sports betting operator. Its focus is on providing betting odds for various kinds of sports like football and horse-racing. On top of that, they have other elements to the site.

Here's an entire list of all content you may find at bet-at-home:

  • Sports Betting: bet-at-home primarily features sports betting
  • Live Casino: bet-at-home also features a live casino
  • Classic Slots: bet-at-home features a host of video and classic slots

TL;DR – Despite focusing on sports betting, bet-at-home accommodates for all players.

bet-at-home Casino Games & Providers

The amount of gambling that takes place at bet-at-home is impressive. So, it's surprising that they only have a few software developers giving them all that content.

Nevertheless, the providers they do have are extremely high-ranking ones. They make entertaining content almost 100% of the time, as you'll probably agree when you see the provider list:

So far, so good. Bet-at-home lives up to the reputation of being an excellent operator despite appearances of being somewhat outdated. There's plenty of quality of content to get sunk into.

TL; DR – The fact that the site only has four software developers does not mean that it is limited in scope.

Mobile and Tablet Usage

Despite appearances, bet-at-home is very mobile. Being designed in the late nineties (and still looking like it belongs in that decade), it's obviously meant for desktop computers.

This would make you think the website does not have an app. Understandable but incorrect. They in fact have an app for both Android and Apple products but it's mostly for their sports betting.

Here are the apps:

  • Sports Map for Android
  • Sports Map for iOS

Meanwhile, you can access the site through your local internet browser on your desktop. Here are all the browsers with which you can look for bet-at-home:

  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Microsoft Edge
  • Firefox

Overall, it's a pretty mobile operator. It is in the name, after all, that they should be played at home. Yet it would appear you can play it in other places too.

bet-at-home Casino Press and Advertising

This section will be a bit small because bet-at-home doesn't have much going for it in terms of advertising, online or in traditional media. Sure, they have a Facebook page, a Twitter profile, and a YouTube channel but not much else.

Still, what they do have is a pretty good method of advertising the latest odds and promotions. It's especially popular during huge sporting events like the FIFA World Cup.

bet-at-home Casino Popular Games & Slots

Bet-at-home has some immensely popular games. Not for nothing, it has a “Top Favourites” section in the games category of its website. Here is a list of the most popular games at bet-at-home right now:

Aside from that, you should not to neglect all the other stuff on the site as there's plenty explore.

bet-at-home Casino SignUp & Gameplay

bet-at-home_registration_1Creating your own betting account at bet-at-home is easy and it takes only a few simple steps to accomplish. Start by accessing the front page of bet-at-home and clicking “register”.

Once done, you can then fill out all the necessary spaces to ensure that you provide the necessary details for your account to exist.

It takes a few minutes to do this and once done, you can grant yourself access to all the games and features the site has. And there are a lot of features, including awesome promotions, betting odds and more!

Sign up today and discover it for yourself!

bet-at-home Casino Welcome Bonus

One of the best reasons you should join is the welcome bonus bet-at-home has in store for players. We think it's quite generous though we'll leave that for you to decide.

Current Bonus: Choose your bonus! Deposit £1 – £499 and get a max of £200 Deposit £500 – £2,000 and get a max of £1,000.

bet-at-home Casino Payment Methods

As if it couldn't get any better, bet-at-home has various payment methods players can use to deposit their amount into their wagering account for making bets.

All of bet-at-home's payment options include:

Quite a few options here and this isn't even all of them. There are a couple of European ones you might not have even heard of but we left in the ones most relevant to UK players.

bet-at-home Support & Contact

At last, let's take a look at customer support. Contact details are plentiful however most of them are split between departments which can be somewhat confusing.

Conversely, at least we know bet-at-home is thorough when it comes to making customer support.

Here are bet-at-home's main points of contact:

  • Address:
    • Internet Ltd. Entertainment Ltd.
      Portomaso Business Tower, Level 12
      STJ 4011, St. Julian's
  • Phone:
    • Sports betting: +356-20102510
    • Casino: +356-20102577
  • Email:
  • Live Chat: Open 24/7

Overall, bet-at-home is a fantastic operator and, despite appearing a little outdated, lives up to its reputation. All we suggest is a bit of a makeover and the players will be rolling in.

Join bet-at-home casino today to enjoy a massive welcome bonus!