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mobile slot classic handsHave you ever wondered what mobile slot you would be depending on your personality? No? Well, we think it's fun to speculate and we think you should join in with us. That's why we've put together a mini-quiz so you can see what mobile slot you are. It's a point-based answer system so depending on how many points you get, this will determine what personality type you correspond to and which mobile slot is most like that personality type. It's quite simple and fun, really. So why not try it yourself? Read our quiz below and see which mobile slot you are!


Question 1: When looking for a new mobile slot to play, what would motivate you to play it more?

mobile slots devicesA) The slot's theme (3 points)

B) The slot's features (2 points)

C) The slot's developer (1 point)


Question 2: Which kind of mobile slot do you play the most often?

A) A video slot (3 points)

B) A progressive jackpot slot (2 points)

C) A classic slot (1 point)


Coins on LaptopQuestion 3: Do you worry about the design innovation of a mobile slot?

A) Yes, absolutely! (3 points)

B) Maybe a bit. (2 points)

C) Not at all! (1 point)


Question 4: When playing a mobile slot, what kind of strategy do you use?

A) Strategies are for losers, hahaha! (3 points)

B) A carefully thought-out one. (2 points)

C) Depends on the slot. (1 point)


Question 5: What is the primary reason you play slots other than money?

A) To experience all the different themes and designs. (3 points)

B) To sharpen my decision making skills. (2 points)

C) What other reason is there? (1 point)



Aloha! Cluster Pays (13-15 points)

Aloha! Cluster Pays NetEntIf you have 13 points or above, then you are a creative personality type meaning you enjoy being quirky and standing out from the crowd — much like NetEnt's Aloha! Cluster Pays mobile slot. You can't stand being normal or following a trend!

You like to show off how different you are at any given opportunity and celebrate it with abandon. You don't care about strategy or coming up with a logical plan to win, all you want to do is to have fun. Most people enjoy being around you because of how charismatic you are.


Football Champions Cup (7-12 points)

Football: Champions Cup Feature ImageDo you like football? Well, if you don't you still probably love to make effective strategies so that you come away with a large win. We'd say you either have already enjoyed or would be the perfect fit to check out Football: Champions Cup mobile slot! After all, you are very competitive and put a lot of thought into how you play the game.

People marvel at how great you are at getting to grips with the rules and, more impressively, how to exploit them. You make decisions but that doesn't always mean you play by the rulebook. In fact, most of your decisions are based on gut instinct and experience rather than knowledge. If you know something won't work, then you won't do it.


WinStar (1-6 points)

Winstar Slot LogoIf you got 6 points or less then you're one of our most profitable mobile slots, WinStar, a jackpot of cosmic proportions. You are very clear-cut and get to the point. All you want to do is make money, money, money! There is no other logical reason for you to be gambling. If there ever was a character that closely resembles you, it would be Mr Spock.

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