Can You Really Win Money with Online Casinos?

win money with online casinosThe internet is littered with player complaints on various casino sites and games. Many of them are accused of not paying out the winnings that the players supposedly deserve. There are also quite a few games and casinos that are “NOT RECOMMENDED” in various reviews.

Then again, other sites or players give the same sites and software a maximum rating.

It isn’t difficult to start believing that all online and mobile casinos are roguish and their games rigged. It’s easy to think that they only think about cheating on the player and taking all of their money.

Today, we will clear all the doubts about this issue because we know exactly how this works:

“It totally is possible to win money online.”

In short, there are at least as many people who have won by online gambling as those who haven’t. Read on to learn how!

Not Just Success Stories

casino jackpot winnerTrusted and informative casino review sites often emphasise the negative sides of gambling sites. Thus, winners and their success stories are rarely represented in these articles.

It doesn’t mean that there are no winners here.

On the contrary, the fact that the cons are stressed so much shows that the positives are self-explanatory. Hundreds of people win on most online casinos every day, but that’s how casinos are supposed to work.

For this reason, you may not find these success stories that often. Well, unless a player wins a multi-million jackpot. This isn’t usual, which is precisely why you may find such articles online. However, you won’t find headlines like:

“Plumber from London Wins £100 at an Online Casino”

Thousands of near-identical headlines would flood the news sites every day if each such win was celebrated. The fact that we don’t get to hear about these success stories often doesn’t mean they don’t exist.

Here is The Proof

Let’s take a look at two different sources which prove that players frequently win money by gambling online:

  1. Online casino live activity feeds
  2. Official casino games RTP rates

Casino Activity Live Feed

casino recent winnersYou can see how often people win for yourself in the lobbies of various online and mobile casinos. Some of them include a live feed of local casino activity. That’s where every substantial win is registered.

These feeds update every few seconds and contain short information on the recent winners or players who have just logged in. Thus, it isn’t unusual to see such short messages at online casino lobbies:

“User123 has just won £140.40 on Jumanji slot!”

If the site is somewhat popular, you’ll see these updates change every single second. Several of such messages can pop up per second too. This means that winning isn’t just possible – it’s totally usual too.

Not Convinced?

Sounds like a fake stream used to create an illusion of activity? Here’s how you can put your hypothesis to the test:

  1. Create a casino account and ask a friend to do the same
  2. Try logging in at similar times and observe the live feed

In most cases, you will see both your own name and your friend’s username pop up in the feed. This should prove that the feed isn’t coded to generate random messages to imitate activity and real wins.

Of course, a popular site may have dozens of users logging in every minute. This means that not everything may be tracked in the feed. However, experiment for a while and you should eventually come to the only possible conclusion.

Casino Game RTP Rates

return to player rtpAnother (and a much simpler) proof of this fact is the official casino game information. One of the main stats of any such a game is its return to player or RTP.

It’s represented by a percentage and shows how much money the game returns to the players.

An Example of RTP

Starmania slot has an RTP of 97.87%. This means that for every £100 that players bet on the game, the game returns £97.87.

This is a theoretical return over an unlimited period of time. It’s calculated by game developers and then tested by independent auditors for fairness and randomness. Such games are then licensed, which means that they are truly fair and their RTPs are correct.

So, the casino should earn £2.13 for every £100 bet on the game. Everything else comes back to the players in the form of winnings.

But wait a minute…

According to this percentage, this slot always pays back less than players wager on it. Doesn’t it mean that you can’t win on it?

To put it simply, no. RTP predicts the payouts over an indefinite (which means a long) time, remember? Plus, any slot game’s payouts vary in size. While some people may lose their whole bet, a large portion of it will return to another player as winnings.

Not All Games Are Great

big win cat slotThe tricky part is to find the games which pay out more than the others. This can be done either by trial and error or from the shared experiences of other gamblers.

Unfortunately, some online casino games are just not as lucrative. For this reason, many people will avoid certain games or even whole brands of software developers.

If you’re unlucky enough to play only these types of games, you’ll probably lose more than you gain. However, it’s a whole different situation with the games that do pay out.

That’s why casino game reviews exist in the first place. If a game has a decent RTP, maximum win potential and works as good as it sounds – you will win.

Here are some things to avoid when searching for lucrative games:

  • Unlicensed online casinos
  • Unlicensed game software
  • Negative game reviews from other gamblers
  • Low RTP slots

Finally, it’s OK to lose from time to time because the odds to win constantly are next to zero. If you fail on a game once, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t pay out at all. Sometimes, a few tries may be necessary to succeed.

After all, gambling involves risk and one player will always have to lose for the other one to win.

So, What About them Player Complaints?

not recommended player complaintsIf you can actually win money at online casinos, why are there so many complaints?

What we’re talking about cannot be attributed to chance and luck either. It’s one thing not to win on a casino game. A whole different matter is to win but not receive your winnings for no apparent reason.

That’s what sometimes happens in various casino sites. Lots of similar situations occur where despite winning, casinos will deny the money to the player.

They explain this denial in various ways, such as:

  • Unverified player account
  • The player has breached terms and conditions
  • The casino game malfunctioned

All these reasons are indeed important in each online casino’s policy. While operators use it to their advantage sometimes, players should still pay attention to what they must and mustn’t do.

Terms & Conditions

casino terms and conditionsThis is the main reason why gamblers are denied their winnings online. This can lead to the idea that casinos rarely pay out the cash at all. However, if you aren’t getting your rightfully earned winnings, it’s likely your own fault.

Some of the terms usually include:

  1. Only one account per player
  2. Depositing and withdrawing using the same payment method/bank card
  3. Account verification before withdrawing

These terms and conditions are in place to ensure a safe and secure gambling environment. It helps the industry avoid scam, cheaters and even more unsatisfied visitors as a result.

Make Sure You Do Read Them!

Of course, these rules also help to ensure that the casino gains profit from every game. So, not all of it is directly in the player’s favour. However, online gambling wouldn’t be possible at all if it wasn’t a business in the first place.

Anyway, people often skim over these rules or don’t read them at all. Then, when they win and want to withdraw, they find out that they’ve breached the terms. Better luck next time…

Verification Issues

casino account verificationOther times, the process of account verification can take a long time. Some players can’t even verify their identity because the agents don’t accept their documents.

In this case, it’s the casino’s fault that they can’t manage their own players. However, a strict policy is necessary to eliminate money laundering and scammers in online casinos.

In Conclusion

We don’t justify casinos that harm their own honest players in the process. Yet it doesn’t mean that all or even most of the winners are denied their cash.

“Denied winnings are rare in online casinos today. For each such case, hundreds of players do receive the money that they’ve won.”

On the other hand, we don’t say that you should ignore such player complaints. Some casinos find much more trouble with the players than other sites.

The key is in choosing a legit operator that treats its players fairly and with respect.