How Secure Are Online Casino Games?

online casino securityOnline casino games are based on luck and randomness. However, some of them don’t seem to pay out nearly as much. This concerns many players around the world.

How can you be sure that the slot or a table game you play is actually fair and safe? In this guide, we will answer this question in depth.

So, you’ll be able to know exactly which games to play in the future to avoid scam completely.

Are Online Casino Games Secure?

Casino games on mobile or online can be completely secure. However, not all of them are. There are three things you should check to see if the game you’re playing is truly secure:

  1. Is it on the site with an independently accredited RNG software?
  2. Is your connection to the game server encrypted?
  3. Is the site you’re playing on officially recognised and licensed?

If you got all three checks, there’s zero risk involved when it comes to safety. The risk to lose your money still exists, as with all gambling.

If you aren't getting all three of the above checked out, we strongly suggest you find other casino games. These games should fit the kind of criteria we describe in detail below.

Security of Online Casino Games

secure online casino gamesBelow you’ll find all about the various ways that you, as a player, can check your game’s security. They all must be in place to ensure a safe gambling environment within the casino sites and specific games.

Here are the essential data protection and fairness guarantees used by gambling operators today:

  1. Random Number Generator
  2. Data Encryption
  3. Official Gambling Licence

Let’s take these three simple steps to ensure the safety of your funds.

RNG – Random Number Generator

The main technology that guarantees each casino game’s safety and fairness is the RNG. Also known as the random number generator, it’s a piece of software that generates random numbers.

It sounds simplistic yet RNG is a very complicated programme. It’s made out of many algorithms to ensure unpredictable and truly random results.

How RNG Works

random numbersBehind the display, be it gaming cards or slot reels, the game’s mechanism is the same. The random number generator is at the core there.

By providing a series of numbers, it decides the outcome of each random element in the game. Be it a poker card, a die roll, or a slot symbol, everything is determined by RNG.

That’s why RNG is so important.

If it works completely randomly, as it is intended to do, the game itself will be considered fair. This means that nothing or no one else affects the game’s outcome aside from your own luck. Otherwise, you may not be getting completely random results and, possibly, lose money.

Independent Auditors

“How do I know if the random number generator works as intended?”

It’s a legit question you may be asking right now. After all, the RNG is invisible to the player. One can only see the results that it creates. Yet it’s still virtually impossible to determine whether these results are completely random or not.

Thus, each secure casino will have their casino game RNG tested by independent auditors. These companies run various tests to prove each casino software’s safety.

There are many such companies that work worldwide. A few popular and completely trustworthy testing labs include:

  • eCOGRA
  • GLI
  • iTech Labs
  • NMi
  • BMM Testlabs

They ensure the safety of thousands of online casino games across hundreds of sites. Hence, if you see their logo somewhere on the casino site, you are safe there.

If you don’t, there’s no need to worry yet. Each particular casino games host might have a certificate from another similar company. There are dozens of professional testing agencies around.


ecogra logoeCOGRA is one of the top testing businesses among UK online casinos. It stands for eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance. As the name suggests, they do much more than just testing casino RNG software.

The UK casinos often use it because it’s based in London, though they extend their service worldwide too. This agency’s seals of approval mean several things, such as that:

  • The tested site has secure games
  • It’s a safe site with data protection in place
  • The logins are risk-free and more

Of course, eCOGRA isn’t the only company that tests mobile and online casinos in more than one way.


GLI Gaming Labs

gli gaming labsGLI, previously known as TST, is another quality agency specialising in online gambling software audits. GLI Gaming Labs is working since 1989 and has experience with various nuances of online security.

They were often recognized as the best testing laboratory in Europe and various parts of Europe. Thus, GLI’s certificates on casino random number generator and other software have high credibility.


iTech Labs

iTech itech labs logoLabs has checked hundreds of casino games, platforms and sites. Their auditing includes RNG, RTP and security tests. Of course, they also issue different kinds of certificates depending on their services.

Whether it’s a mobile app certificate or an online system certificate, you can trust this company 100%. The casinos and gambling games that this agency approved are available in more than 20 jurisdictions around the world.



nmi logoNMi is a company that offers services for many different industries. Since 2007, it's also a gambling software testing facility for online casinos. They provide services like:

  1. Software testing and auditing
  2. Data security management
  3. Verification of various products and software

So, they offer everything that operators need for trusted casino games online. Be it RNG approval or anti-laundering solutions, you can’t go wrong with NMi-approved sites.


BMM Testlabs

bmm testlabs logoBMM provides software auditing on all kinds of internet gambling platforms like:

  • Casino table games and slots
  • Sportsbook platforms and virtual sports
  • Online poker platforms
  • Virtual lottery
  • Live dealer games

A similar scope of security and fairness audits are available with other labs as well. However, BMM does this in various countries across six continents.

As a result, if your casino is accredited by this company, you shouldn’t worry about the casino games there anymore.

Data Encryption & SSL Login

It’s not just the games themselves that can affect your safety while gambling online. Even if the game uses a certified RNG software, the casino you frequent matters too.

Most importantly:

A safe login is necessary for the player if they want to gamble without risk. Otherwise, even the best and safest game around will be dangerous to play.

SSL – Secure Sockets Layer

ssl encryption casinoThat’s why casinos use data encryption. Using it, all the information that travels between you and the casino site is safe.

The most popular type of data encryption today is SSL, which is short for Secure Sockets Layer. What it does is convert all the data to a code that’s meaningless to everyone, but the receiving software.

This mechanism is used in cases like:

  1. Player login
  2. Player deposit
  3. Logging into your bank or other services for making payments

The same type of protection is popular throughout the internet, including such trustworthy platforms as online banking.

TL;DR – Hence, encryption protects the player’s personal data and money. It makes online games much safer than they would be otherwise.

Online Casino Regulation

gambling laws legislationThere are many organizations and legal authorities overseeing online casino businesses. Yet some sites could still be classified as ‘rogue casinos’. So, official regulation is of utmost importance. It provides benefits like:

  1. Official control over casinos
  2. Legal backing for the player
  3. A set of rules that the casino has to follow

For this reason, all online casino games are secure but only as long as they have an official licence.

Official Gambling Licence

gambling licence stampEach legislation has their own rules and regulations regarding online gambling. Some of them are tighter than the others. This is usually a positive thing for the player as this leaves less room for shady casino practices.

The thing is that not all casinos even get official licences like that. To do that, they need to abide by certain rules. Plus, every casino needs a licence from the regulatory body in their jurisdiction. Otherwise, they aren’t legal in the first place.

How does this affect casino games?

Only officially recognized operators are guaranteed to offer fair and secure games. If they don’t have at least one licence, there’s nothing stopping them from scamming the players.

Hence, you should avoid unlicensed gambling sites at all costs.

Trusted Regulatory Bodies

gambling commissionHere are some of the best regulatory bodies in the world when it comes to gambling:

  • United Kingdom Gambling Commission
  • Malta Gaming Authority
  • Gibraltar Remote Gambling
  • Alderney Gambling Control Commission
  • Isle of Man Gambling Supervision Commission

That’s not to say that other official authorities aren’t trustworthy. It’s just that players are the safest there, especially when it comes to UKGC.

TL;DR – The safety of casino games depends both on the software itself and the platform it’s on. Yet if you stick to the accredited and licensed casinos with approved games, you are completely secure.