Can You Win Real Money on House of Fun App?

house of fun app logoHouse of Fun is an app for both iOS and Android. It was developed by Paytika, and is sold by Pacific Interactive Ltd on both app stores.

There has been considerable confusion over the years regarding whether or not you can cash out the winnings you make with this casino app.

This confusion has probably arisen because the game has over 20 million players worldwide – and we’re sure that not all of them are familiar with the concept of a freemium casino game.

If you want the short version: no, you cannot make real money on this app.

Now for the long version. We’ll take you through a couple of things:

  • How this app works as a freemium game
  • The difference between online casinos, casino apps and freemium casinos
  • What you can realistically expect from this game
  • What you can do to get your money back

Freemium Casino Apps Can Be Misleading: Here’s How

It’s all in the app description if you look up the iTunes page. The game is advertised as a “free slots game”, and yet the description is quite misleading.

Indeed, they use the same language as online casinos do. This is how they may have misled you into believing they offer the same things as an online casino.

Casino-Specific Vocabulary

dollar warningIn the game descriptions, you may have noticed they use a very familiar type of vocabulary.

  • 100 free spins + 1,000 “free coins” welcome bonus
  • Huge Jackpots” to win
  • Special casino features that award you “free coins”
  • In-game currency has the “$” dollar sign

Now, anyone who plays at online casinos will be familiar with this sort of language.

Indeed, “free coins” can easily be read as “bonus money”. And “free spins” implies that there are spins you get for free, versus spins you have to pay real money for.

The “jackpots” are especially misleading here. You’d assume that the jackpot is real money, because what’s the point of a jackpot that you can’t cash out?

Well, it turns out that the jackpot is “free coins” too, so in-game currency. And you’ll be needing that currency to get anywhere in this game.

Only, there are caveats.

In-Game Currency

Freemium games operate on 2 very simple concepts: player impatience, and exclusive game levels that cost lots of in-game currency. Here’s how it usually goes:

  • The player downloads the game for free
  • Upon account creation, the player is given a ton of in-game currency
  • The player is encouraged by the tutorial mode to use that currency
  • As the game progresses, in-game features become more “expensive”
  • The player eventually cannot make progress without more currency
  • In-game currency becomes harder/impossible to collect for free
  • The player must either buy currency with real money, or accept slow progress

After making you addicted to their game during those first steps where you have lots of in-game currency, you’ll then have no choice but to pay real money to get more in-game coins.

Bear in mind that in freemium casino apps, this does not count as a deposit. You are making what is known as an “in-app purchase”.

That means that you are buying the fictional currency in the game, in order to progress through the game faster. It’s the same as buying in-game fluff like a new character skin.

Unlocking In-Game Currency for Free

house of fun free coinsAs they mention in their game description, players have to “level up faster by placing bigger bets”. This means that you’ll need lots of currency in the higher levels.

You can still get in-game currency for free, though the going will be slower. It can be unlocked in a myriad of different ways:

  • Sign up bonus (1,000 coins)
  • Connecting to Facebook (1,000 coins)
  • Hitting Jackpots
  • Rewards when levelling up
  • Rewards when logging in daily (check your inbox)
  • Coin giveaways on House of Fun social media
  • Unlock higher-level games with higher payouts
  • Unlock House of Fun: Legends and play through the tiers

How to Get Your Money Back

It’s understandable if you feel scammed, after spending money on the game and thinking it was a deposit you could get back. Unfortunately, the app is quite securely covered.

Playtika’s Official Statements

They clearly state their status as a freemium game in the app’s game description on both Android and Apple app stores:

“This game is intended for an adult audience (21+) for amusement purposes only and does not offer ‘real money’ gambling, or an opportunity to win real money or prizes based on game play. Playing or success in this game does not imply future success at ‘real money’ gambling.”

And on the Playtika site, when you go on House of Fun support and into the General FAQ:

“As House of Fun is not actually gambling, but a Casino-like game, coins are meant for entertainment only and can not be cashed out. The coins that you purchase are simply for increasing your playtime, thus having more fun!”

As you can see, they give explicit details about cashing out. So it’s a classic case of “being forewarned”, even if the warnings themselves are hard to find.

What You Can Do

It’s not unheard of for freemium games to refund their players. Especially if the players insist that their purchase was accidental and that they have not spent the currency.

Your best shot is to get in touch with Playtika themselves. There are two ways to do this. You can send them a message via the app itself, as demonstrated in this video:


Or you can go through their Facebook page and send them a message via the links they provide there. (You can also try to leave them a message on their Facebook page.)



Don’t forget to look online for other users who might be going through the same trouble as you. You may find these by searching for:

  • Playtika complaint forums
  • Complaints left in comment sections of their Youtube videos
  • Complaints left on their Facebook posts by users.

What You Can Expect from the House of Fun App

While we understand that it can be frustrating to invest lots of money in a game and realise you won’t be getting it back, this app still delivers quite a lot to its players.

If you can’t get your money back, then you’re faced with two options: quit the game or make the most of it.

After all, thanks to your investments, you’ve probably unlocked a lot of stuff that other users aren’t privy to.

Let’s face it, this game is a thing of beauty. It contains over 180 popular slot games, and its games lobby was designed to make you feel like you’ve stepped into the Vegas strip.

Thanks to its plethora of features, exclusive promos, bonus games, and constant game updates, it’s really carved a place of its own in mobile app stores.

You’ll be hard pressed to find another free slot game as well-built as this one. (Especially as most of them are built along the same “freemium” guidelines.)

So it’s really up to you, whether you think it’s worth it to continue playing.

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