What Game Pays Out the Most at A Casino?

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To be on the big winner side, you should play progressive jackpot slots.

Jackpot games pay out the most at both online and offline casinos. As with all gambling, however, huge jackpots come at a price of low odds.

Nevertheless, you’ll be surprised at just how much some jackpot slots have paid out in the gambling history. Below, you’ll find software and slot machines that you should play to win more than everyone else.

In short, we suggest you play one of these casino games:

  1. Megabucks slot machine
  2. Mega Moolah online slot
  3. Mega Fortune online slot
  4. Hall of Gods online slot
  5. Cleopatra Plus Slot
  6. Get Clucky Slot
  7. Cleopatra Slot

The games at the top of the list pay out more. However, you may want to check out the bottom entries too. Remember, the payout size is relative to the payout odds of the game.

Progressive Jackpots: Largest Payout Casino Games

jackpot games pay most at a casinoJackpot games offer the most impressive payouts by far. While they’re terribly volatile, some players might enjoy £10 million winnings per spin.

Of course, this doesn’t happen every day. However, there are many similar success stories around the world. The most impressive of those are related to the Megabucks slot machine.

But before that, we’ll explain how such huge wins are possible in the first place.

How Progressive Jackpots Work

Unlike other casino games, progressive jackpot games pay out winnings in two ways:

  1. Regular game payouts
  2. Progressive jackpot payouts

The jackpot is accumulated as a special prize that you can trigger in the game. It grows with every bet made by all players. That’s because a small portion of each bet goes into it, which makes these games slightly more expensive.

Many games like that are connected across different casinos. Even different games can be linked like that and provide the same jackpot prize. This allows the jackpots to grow very rapidly and very high.

Usually, just a tiny amount of the whole bet goes into a jackpot. So, despite the extra cost, the difference is barely perceptible. Besides, one can trigger the jackpot with £1 or even lower bets and still win millions.

1. Megabucks Slot Machine

megabucks slot machine biggest casino payoutMegabucks is without a doubt the most lucrative slot machine in the world. It has paid out a record casino jackpot and then improved this record several times.

Most of these success stories have come from Las Vegas. The largest winnings ever awarded by this machine are:

  1. $39,710,826.36
  2. $34,955,489.56
  3. $27,580,879.60
  4. $22,618,156.67
  5. $21,346,952.22

These winnings remain the largest ever that have been won at a casino game. So, statistically, Megabucks slot machine pays out the most, as it has proven many times before.

2. Mega Moolah Online Slot

mega moolah slotThe problem with Megabucks slot is that you can’t play it online. When it comes to remote casinos, though, you’ll have to choose from different software. Luckily, there are many progressive jackpot video slots to explore too.

Mega Moolah slot is one of them. It’s, in fact, the highest-paying jackpot slot online. Like its offline counterpart, it has proven time and time again to be more lucrative than others.

Its largest payouts in the recent years have been:

  1. €18,910,668.01
  2. £13,213,838.68
  3. €17,861,800

Mega Moolah slot was developed by Microgaming and features a safari theme. It has several bonuses, including the fortune wheel with chances to win the jackpot.

3. Mega Fortune Online Slot

mega fortune jackpot slotMega Fortune slot is another very popular progressive jackpot software. Its popularity stems from the many success stories associated with the game.

For many years, this game has rivaled with Mega Moolah for the best-paying online jackpot slot title. Thus, your chances to win the largest possible payout on this game are just as good.

Here’s what the game’s screen has shown to some of the most successful online gamblers:

  1. €17,860,888
  2. €11,736,375
  3. €8,577,941
  4. £6,235,372.42

Mega Fortune is one of the most popular jackpot slots from Net Entertainment. The game is straightforward since it includes various symbols related to luxurious life.

Like other jackpot games, it has several bonuses, free spins and a fortune wheel. As in the previous example, the fortune wheel is where you can win the game’s current jackpot.

4. Hall of Gods Online Slot

hall of gods jackpot slotThere are many other progressive jackpots at online casinos. Yet, few others pay out as much or as often as Hall of Gods.

This is another NetEnt game based on Norse mythology. So, it looks much more interesting as the jackpot isn’t the only thing why people play the game.

Still, it’s the jackpot payouts that make this game one of the most lucrative ones. The previous big wins from this game are:

  1. €7,788,882
  2. €7,530,521
  3. €7,524,201
  4. €7,424,214
  5. €7,361,112

Hall of Gods video slot has many gameplay features. From wilds and multipliers to click-me games and free spins, it’s a blast of a slot. Even if you don’t hit the grand prize, there are many other ways to win a decent pot.

To win the jackpot, though, you’ll have to trigger the click-me bonus. You’ll have to break up to 15 shields until you reveal three prizes of the same kind and win it. These prizes include the progressive jackpot.

Largest Payout Non-Jackpot Slot Games

man sitting outside with a tabletWe all want to win a few million now and again. However, very few are lucky enough to pull it off. So, if you don’t want to play against such low odds, there is an alternative.

We’re talking slot games that don’t have jackpots. While their payouts are much lower, it’s also easier to actually hit them. After all, what matters is the amount you can actually win, right?

Thus, here are the three most lucrative online slots without progressive jackpots:

1. Cleopatra Plus Slot

cleopatra plus slotCleopatra Plus is a sequel to the very popular Cleopatra slot. Both of these games are among the most lucrative casino software.

The ‘Plus’ version, however, is much more complicated and interesting. This means loads of extra features, a unique level system and absolutely mind-blowing wins.

The maximum amount you can win is 1,012,920 coins. In this game, one coin can have a value between 1p and £5. Hence, you could be looking at the maximum win of £5,064,600.

For a game that has no jackpot, this seems like a mistake. Except that it isn’t. The key is to rise up to the max level by gaining as many Ancient Egyptian followers as possible. This unlocks new bonuses and drastically increases the RTP.

2. Get Clucky Slot

get clucky slotGet Clucky is a completely different game with a theme that’s much more down to earth. With cartoon graphics and chickens as the main mascots of the game, its appearance is misleading.

While you might think it’s just a simple slot from IGT, it offers winnings up to £4 million per spin. Of course, this also means that you will have to take a risk. To win such a prize, the maximum bet is necessary, which is £400.

On Get Clucky, expanding wilds are what makes the difference between success and failure. It’s volatile, though, which is why you might have to make many spins before the big prizes.

3. Cleopatra Slot

cleopatra slotThe third most lucrative game at a casino is also an IGT slot. It’s the first instalment in the Cleopatra franchise.

It offers much simpler gameplay than the previously mentioned ‘Plus’ edition. However, the amount you can win is almost equally exciting. With the maximum bet of £200, you could claim up to £2 million.

The same Cleopatra game can also be found at high-street casinos. That’s because the online slot was adapted from a real slot machine in the first place. The bet limits, however, can differ in various versions of this software, consequently affecting the maximum win.

Didn’t find an exciting game on this list? Try other IGT slots, many of which offer max wins over £1 million.

What About Casino Table Games?

casino holdem poker table gameYou probably noticed that we didn’t include any classic casino or table games on the list.

There’s a good reason for that.

Table games have much lower winning margins in comparison. So, to win big, you’d have to wager a lot as well. Even so, there’s no way to win a million on a table game, except as a tournament prize.

So, for a chance to win as much as possible, avoid table games at all costs. Your best bets are:

  1. Progressive jackpot games
  2. Slot games with big payouts

Winning isn’t guaranteed but if you win, you might win the most by playing these casino games.