PayPal and Zimpler Mobile Casino Deposits Compared

PayPal and Zimpler LogosDeciding which banking methods to offer players is a tricky thing for mobile and online casinos to do. Each and every player has various different needs they want satisfied, and it’s our job to try and make as many people happy as much of the time as we possibly can. Questions do arise, though, and one of that has come up a couple of times is why GoWin doesn’t offer PayPal deposits. We know lots of great PayPal casinos, but we currently don’t feel the banking method is for us; to explain why, we’re going to compare it to our recently added Zimpler payments, to show you why it would be overkill to feature both.


What is PayPal & How Does it Work?

PayPal LogoPayPal is one of the oldest e-wallets available online and has become the most popular not just among online and mobile gamblers, but for all kinds of online deposits and purchases. The basic idea is that you set up payment methods into our PayPal account – with money coming straight from your bank account, or via credit or debit cards – and then are able to make payments online using your account, without having to re-enter all your bank or card details each time you want to make a purchase.

This convenience is not the only reason PayPal was such a hit at mobile casinos, the security it offers is also pretty respectable. By adding an extra step, and as it were, an extra barrier between where your money is, and the sites that want it, PayPal is great at ensuring that no unauthorized payments can be made. If a casino gets hold of your bank details and doesn’t look after them properly, they might get into the wrong hands. Using PayPal – which has ultra-high security – this becomes far less likely.


Why We’re a Zimpler and Not a PayPal Casino

Zimpler Payments LogoPayPal definitely has its merits, but we’ve made a choice to get on board with Zimpler payments instead. Zimpler is a much newer payment method, custom built for the modern mobile casino and one we think our players are going to absolutely love. It works similar to a traditional e-wallet, however your choice of payment methods is far broader than PayPal’s credit cards or bank transfers and the way its interface is designed makes it perfect for e-gambling.


More Flexibility

When you set up a Zimpler account at any participating casino, you can add as many payment options as you like, and you’re not just limited to credit and debit card. When you’re making a deposit at your chosen casino, you will be able to see all your active payment options and select there and then where you want your deposit to come from. You can pick a different method each time, without having to change any settings – with PayPal, you’d have to change your information.


More Mobile (Casino) Friendly

Although PayPal does have a really nifty mobile app, and works absolutely fine at mobile casinos, it’s always been intended for general online payments, and as such isn’t tailored to the ins and outs of e-gambling. Zimpler, on the other hand, was made specifically for this industry, and is designed to integrate perfectly into mobile casinos, allowing you to make deposits in the fewest steps possible.


The big secret?

There’s one last thing you should know about Zimpler which I think will convince any doubters that it trumps PayPal. Drum roll… You can choose PayPal as a payment method through Zimpler! This means that even if you’re a die-hard PayPal user, you can simple set up payments to Zimpler using your existing PayPal account (on top of any number of other payment methods you choose) and effectively use PayPal while still taking full advantage of the convenience, user-friendliness, and harmony with mobile casinos offered by the new payment method!

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