PayPal Casino & Slots

PayPal online casinos and slots are some of the most popular gambling products out there at the moment.

Here at GoWin, we facilitate many different types of payment methods that we've implemented for your maximum convenience. PayPal is one of the methods that you can use on our site, offering some of the fastest deposits and withdrawals in the industry.

First things first. Before we jump into PayPal sites and slots in more detail, we must insist that it deserves your full consideration.

There is one reason that will have you convinced right away, dare we say.

Top Casinos with PayPal as Payment Method

  1. Prospect Hall Casino Review Logo Linear
    £300 bonus + 100 FS

  2. Spin Hill Casino Review Logo Linear
    Up to 500 Free Spins on Starburst

  3. Kerching Casino Review Logo Linear
    £500 bonus + 100 FS

  4. Mega Casino Review Logo Linear
    100% up to £200 + 50 FS

  5. Rizk Casino Review Logo Linear
    100% up to £100 + 50 FS

  6. Simba Games Casino Review Logo Linear
    100% up to £50 + 25 FS

  7. Pots of Luck Casino Review Logo Linear
    Deposit £100 & Play with £200 + 100 FS

  8. LuckyMe Slots Casino Review Logo Linear
    100 Free Spins

  9. GoWin Casino Review Logo Linear
    £850 bonus + 50 FS

Payment Methods at Casinos

The most important differentiating factor of casinos that accept PayPal (as opposed to ones that don't) is safety.

Hear us out:

Instead of submitting your card details to a casino, a commercial site, after all, using PayPal means that you'll never have to reveal private financial information to a mobile casino directly.

In other words, your details will remain anonymous and your personal information private whenever you use this online payment method at a casino with PayPal. That is, needless to say, awesome news.

Simply select PayPal when you're at the cashier of your fave site, pick an amount and off you go – play happy!

Money Transfers & Debit Cards with PayPal

As you've probably gathered by now, gone are the days when paying by credit card or debit card was your only option to gain access to an online casino and all its games.

The reality now is this:

If you wish to play some of your favourite slots for real money, you have more options on funding your account than you'll ever need.

E-wallets have been a mainstay in the world of online gambling, thanks to their ease of use and added layers of security. And, obviously, one of the most popular of all e-wallet services is the well-established and long-thriving PayPal.

The king of the online payment world, the vast majority of us have encountered PayPal before. But it probably wasn't in the form of a casino minimum deposit? Sure not.

Online Casino Loading Screen with PayPal
PayPal opening on iPhone

PayPal Account Payments with Your Bank Account

PayPal doesn't exactly have its roots in the gambling industry and it had even stopped taking payments to fund gambling at some point in the past.

Way back when, PayPal started making waves in the online retail sector, which was just sprouting, offering people the ability to pay for anything at all in the early days of the internet.

Boy, are we glad to be living in the 21st century with tons of internet payment options now. Are you? Let us know at email address [email protected]

However, PayPal remains one of the most used ones and the reason is simple. The main appeal of this service is that it offers data encryption unlike anywhere else, putting the mind of any safety-conscious user at ease.

Little wonder, then, that online and mobile casinos alike have taken advantage of the PayPal deposit method and branded themselves as PayPal online casinos that facilitate completely secure payments.

PayPal Casinos & E-wallet Casinos

For every casino online, having PayPal available is an advantage when compared to other e-wallets. That's all thanks to its long-standing presence.

If you've made PayPal payments online in the past, chances are that you already know all about the pros of this brilliant e-wallet and won’t hesitate to use it at casino sites that actually accept PayPal.

However, it’s not the only e-wallet that’s available to users. Other ones such as Skrill and Neteller are also available at the vast majority of online and mobile gambling sites these days.

PayPal Casino App Icon
PayPal App on iPhone

Whats the difference between Skrill and PayPal?

Using a PayPal account or Skrill account is quite easy. Both are super safe and both charge fees for their service. However, the one thing that Skrill casinos will offer and casinos with PayPal won’t is to use a prepaid MasterCard or other credit cards.

This card can be loaded with cash from your private funds and then be used wherever MasterCard is accepted.

In online casino terms and conditions, this means that winnings can be loaded back onto your prepaid card and then withdrawn at an ATM. That’s a clear advantage of Skrill over PayPal if you ask us. Read more about Skrill casinos on the Skill casino page.

Is Neteller better than PayPal?

And then there is Neteller, which is quite similar to the Skrill service, as it also has access to a prepaid card.

However, this time you can work with VISA instead and Neteller has the capacity to process transactions in 22 different currencies.

Furthermore, a Neteller casino is one of the fastest ones around as you can withdraw in a day or even a couple of hours. As we already mentioned, you can withdraw your winnings onto your VISA prepaid card when you use a Neteller casino.

Conclusion: PayPal Slots Are The Way To Go

All in all, e-wallets such as Skrill, Neteller and PayPal have become huge players in the world of online and mobile casinos. With their extremely easy to use interfaces and top-notch level of security, it’s easy to see the merits of e-wallets.

We think everyone should play at an online casino one day.

More specifically, the game that we think many enjoy the most at various slot sites that accept PayPal is mobile slots.

They come in such a wide variety of shapes and sizes that we are absolutely certain each can find their own favourite theme, combination of special features and casino bonuses as well as the gameplay mechanics

Here are a few pointers as to what you should look for when it comes to choosing your favourite PayPal slots online.

  1. Ensure that the slot sites that accept PayPal, which you have pinpointed as your go-to sites, offer a good welcome bonus package. Ideally, this would include a no deposit bonus, perhaps some extra spins and a couple of deposit match bonuses thrown in for good measure too. Now, that’s a perfect place to play slots with PayPal.
  2. Double check that whichever slots you’re playing, the return to player is high enough – you need to aim for at least 95%. Anything lower than that and you can bet the games are not going to be as exciting as they could be.
  3. It’d be ideal if the slot has a theme that you find exciting time and time again; a slot that’s boring and monotonous will soon lose its appeal and you’ll start moving on to other slot sites that accept PayPal. Mark our words.

Players Trust UK Licensed Online Casinos

PayPal is one of the biggest alternative payment methods on the market and it is used extensively in casino gaming. We think you'll agree.

As soon as you see the PayPal icon on a UK casino site, you breathe a sigh of relief – it's one of the licensed and regulated casinos online and its presence can be comforting. It is also a token of responsible gaming.

You can be sure that the casino has jumped through plenty of safeguarding hoops to implement it on their site.

PayPal Casino Fingerprint Security
Fingerprint Login on PayPal App

PayPal & the Gambling Commission

As you trawl the internet looking for a new casino site, you may come across horror stories from new customers:

  • People not being paid out their honest winnings
  • People having money stolen
  • The casino site turning out to be one huge scam

When you play at a PayPal casino online casino, there is fraud protection in place to help you avoid all of these scenarios.

They protect your payment details, so the casino never actually sees or stores them. This gives you dual protection from scam sites and also hackers if they manage to take advantage of a site.

And if you, at any point, start feeling as if the site could be a scam or engage in dodgy practices, you can always report it to the UK Gambling Commission.

Plus, PayPal funds that are being unfairly held can be reclaimed via PayPal itself. This means that if you think your money has been stolen from you due to shady business, you can and should do something about it.

Deposits and Withdrawals at PayPal Casinos

If you’re a regular player, then slot sites that accept PayPal will also help you make things more convenient for yourself. Instead of listing your card details or feeling the need to find your wallet or purse, you can just login.

With some mobile phone features, you can even log in with your fingerprint instead of entering a password.

When you deposit with PayPal you never know who could be snooping on your transaction either digitally or physically.

People watching over your shoulder can see your payment information if you’re not careful. They could even snap a picture of your card and make payments in your name.

Many people who don't choose PayPal deposits may feel like these precautions are too much and not necessary.

Protect Your Identity Online

The fact of the matter is that there are so many ways that your identity could be stolen online, so you want to avoid as many as possible. The more opportunities that you allow for this to happen, the more likely you are to be a victim.

So, why not use your PayPal account to join the ranks of casino players keeping their payment details under wraps?

There are downsides to using this payment method when compared to other methods, but it’s a largely positive service. More PayPal casinos are launching every month, so you can pick from a wide range.

This allows you to shop around until you find a casino that you love.

PayPal Casino on Smartphone
PayPal Application Opening on a smartphone

PayPal Slots in Mobile Gambling

In the world of online and mobile gambling, we always think about the entertainment that slots can provide us with.

Hardly ever do we consider that no matter how fun the casino game, players can experience a lot of frustration too.

That's especially true if there is no super-easy way to fund their casino account to stay in the game.

👛 PayPal – an e-wallet that has probably been around the longest out of all e-wallets out there and has deservedly earned itself an outstanding reputation.

Although this payment method has been established two decades ago, at the very dawn of the internet age, it has gone from strength to strength.

Now, when playing online slots, PayPal is as easy to use as having an internet connection and a device that supports the software you’re trying to open up. Easy, convenient and simple is what PayPal slots are all about!

Beginners Guide: Online Slots with PayPal

When we talk about online PayPal slots, we mean exactly that: the games which are available to be played online and which can be funded by this handy e-wallet.

PayPal slots are really a different world when you consider them in perspective to other casino games that you must fund via the ‘ancient' ways of using a credit or a debit bank card. And god save you from having to do a bank wire transfer!

Just think about it:

To get started on the best online slots, you must simply have an account (usually your email address) with this e-wallet (which you can set up in record-breaking time by the way).

Connecting PayPal To Your Bank Account

You must then have it connected to a bank account, that you’d do only once in life anyway, and you can play all of the PayPal slots you want.

There is no fluff and no faff that you get with making bank transfers, entering super long card numbers or verifying your identity by giving away a kidney each time you want to fund your account…

Of course, we kid. But you get the idea – it’s quick, convenient, secure and very easy too, giving new players absolutely no reason not to try your luck at a new PayPal site.

Plus, that’s not to say that switching to PayPal slot sites isn’t safe or highly secure.

PayPal slot machines mean that you’re taken care of very well when it comes to encrypting all of your private information and keeping it safe.

Having questions, a number of errors PayPal with banking or other support inquiries? Contact PayPal Support or by number 0800 358 7911. Free for UK landline or UK number and open all days.

paypal logo
PayPal on a glass wall

Slots Are Mobile Optimised

These days, casino games is a mobile affair, because casinos can be accessed online and on pretty much any hand-held mobile device.

So before you can think twice about it, you could be trying mobile PayPal slots the next time you log into your favourite casino site.

The unparalleled mobility of modern gambling ensures that there is never a dull moment, where you have to waste time twiddling your fingers to wait around for something to happen.

PayPal slots are the world's answer to long queues at the dentist or the bus stop.

paypal casino banking
Transfer money with PayPal

PayPal Makes Online Payment Easy

Not only is this e-wallet completely up to scratch when it comes to online security and the ease of depositing, the availability of mobile PayPal slots means that you never have to stop gambling.

As soon as you fund your casino account and start playing PayPal slots, your whole gambling world will change and your eyes will open up to new opportunities.

Plus, you can take advantage of all bonus spins and promotions while you’re on the go with PayPal slots, you can also participate in slot tournaments and the social life that gamified online slot sites that offer PayPal provide these days.