TrustPay Casino

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TrustPay is an online payment portal like no other. It offers four different methods for depositing, all through one trusted service.

You can choose to have money removed from:

  1. Your bank account
  2. Credit or debit cards
  3. A PaySafecard
  4. Directly from your credited TrustPay account

It's simple, straightforward and quick, and this makes it the ideal payment method for internet gamblers. That being said, it's still relatively unknown.

Therefore, many gamblers are still unaware of the benefits of paying with TrustPay. Luckily for you, on this page you can find out everything you need to know about the payment service.

What Is TrustPay?

Founded in 2009, as we've just mentioned, TrustPay is a payment portal which provides users with a sort of ‘one-stop' shop for making online transactions. This includes funding your bets with real money, too.

This service offers users the ability to pay via multiple ways. This includes bank account, credit/debit card, Paysafecard or through their own platform which acts like an e-wallet.

The company is:

  • Licensed and regulated by the National Bank of Slovakia, where it was created
  • Available throughout the EEA (European Economic Area)

Furthermore, it supports over 150 different currencies (including GBP) across different regions.

That being said, not all of the four payment services are supported in every single country. So, you may find your options restricted depending on where you're accessing the service from.

☑️ The Advantages of TrustPay

TrustPay's main benefit is that it's very safe and secure. Although most modern payment methods boast this advantage too, the extra benefit is that you can deal with all four payment options in one place.

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No matter which of the four methods you use, none of your personal data or banking data is shared with third-parties. So, if you use it to make deposits, you'll keep your private details completely safe.

Another benefit is that, unless you decide to sign up to the TrustPay e-wallet, you won't be required to register in order to use the service. This makes transactions very quick and they're also completely free. You should never be charged a transaction fee.

⚠️ The Disadvantages of TrustPay

There's one obvious drawback of using it over other e-wallets. It's that it’s not possible to make withdrawals from mobile casinos using the service, due to you not having shared any banking details with the gambling site itself. For this reason, they aren't able to know where to send your winnings – makes sense.

Whilst this is inconvenient, it's not the only payment service with this problem. If you have made deposits at mobile sites via phone bill or Paysafecard, you'll know all about it.

How To Deposit at a TrustPay Online Casino

As we've just mentioned, there's no need to register to the service before you use it. Instead, to make a deposit, you simply need to sign up to an online or mobile casino. Of course, make sure that the site accepts the payment option.

If it does, visit the cashier. Locate the TrustPay payment option there. Choose it and select one of the four methods available.

Four Ways to Use TrustPay for Online Gambling

These are the options we mentioned at the top, making this solution a great 4-in-1 option for gamblers. Here's a short guide on using each of these methods with your gaming operator.

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? Credit/Debit Card Payments

The service allows you to make deposits via Visa and Mastercard branded credit/debit cards. In this instance, you simply need to enter your card details into the TrustPay portal. This will include your card number, CCV code and card expiry date.

? Bank Transfer

Do you want to use TrustPay to make a bank payment? Start with selecting your bank from the drop down menu. Then, log-in to your online banking as normal and proceed to payment.

Cannot find your bank on the list? You may also be able to select ‘other bank' and manually process the payment. Do note, however, that this could take a little while longer than regular TrustPay transactions.

? Paysafecard

To use a Paysafecard voucher with TrustPay, the process is almost identical to if you used Paysafecard alone. This means you simply need to enter the sixteen digit pin code. You can use up to 10 Paysafecard voucher codes in the same transaction.

? TrustPay E-Wallet

In addition to supporting other transaction methods, TrustPay also offers the option of creating an online account. You can do this for free on the TrustPay website.

Once you've created a TrustPay account you'll need to upload funds to the account. That can be done via credit/debit card. To make a deposit you simply need to login to that account with the username and password you created.

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TrustPay Casino Processing Times and Deposit Limits

All TrustPay transactions should be processed immediately. This means that the depositing process at an online casino via TrustPay takes longer than the actual transfer of funds. Once you deposit, the money should be available in your betting credit within seconds after.

However, bank transfers outside of those who work in partnership with TrustPay could take up to three working days to arrive.

TrustPay does not have a standard transaction limit. So, the depositing limits for this service are entirely dependent on which online casino you've chosen to play at.

That being said, they are generally quite generous. You can expect similar limits to those you would experience if you were paying with a regular credit/debit card or e-wallet service.