Samsung Pay Casino

samsung payOne of the latest e-wallet-looking payment services for your mobile is Samsung Pay. It’s one of those mobile apps that come integrated into your smartphone. In this case, the service is available on Samsung and Android devices.

It functions pretty much on exactly the same principal as Apple Pay and Android Pay. That is, it turns your phone into a smart wallet for your cards for use online and in stores.

Although it first launched in 2015 in the US, Samsung keeps introducing it to other countries to this day. For example, people in Mexico, Italy and France only familiarized themselves with Samsung Pay in 2018.

It still isn’t available in many countries all around the world. But while its popularity is slow to increase, the process doesn’t seem to stop anytime soon. Mobile users and gamblers see the benefits of this payment method and stick to it.

Samsung Pay Deposits & Withdrawals

Samsung Pay doesn’t differ much from other similar e-wallets like Apple Pay or Google Pay. There are only two that we want to share with you.

The obvious difference is that Samsung Pay is available exclusively on Samsung products. As for pragmatic functionalities and features, there’s one more difference that comes to mind.

Unlike Apple Pay or Android Pay, Samsung Pay can store more than just bank cards. On top of this main function, you can keep other things in this e-wallet, including:

  • Electronic versions of gift cards
  • Membership cards
  • Loyalty cards

Do these differences offer some benefits to mobile casino players? That has yet to be worked out. The fact is that the main reason for choosing this method is simpler than the aforementioned differences.

People choose Samsung Pay and stick to it for the same reason why other mobile e-wallets are gaining momentum. It’s an easy way to use a mobile phone as a bank card effortlessly.

You can set things up in a matter of seconds and the technology offers safety. You can also keep track of your transactions easily. It’s nothing revolutionary, it just makes the usual practices easier.

Samsung Pay Casinos Today

Being a Samsung service means that it’s theoretically perfect for use at Android casinos. However, it’s a niche payment option to this day. So, casinos are being super slow on the uptake of the payment method.

Don’t expect to be able to just go to any casino and deposit with Samsung Pay. Not yet, anyway. While in a few years it might be the norm, it really hasn’t caught on yet.

Samsung Pay isn’t a popular casino payment method yet. Just give it a year or two for more operators to pick it up.

How to Use Samsung Pay?

If you have Samsung Pay on your device, you can consider yourself lucky. That’s because setting it up is the most difficult part by far. While the newest Samsung devices have it already, the older ones don’t.

Luckily, if you use Lollipop or newer Samsung operating system, you can just download the software and use it anyway. Once you launch it, you’ll have to add a card. You can keep adding other cards later on.

You can add your card by snapping it with your camera while in the app. So, there’s no need to type the numbers – a process that many people dread.

Now that you’re all set, simply visit your casino’s deposit screen. From there, the process is pretty much identical to other payment methods.

  1. Choose Samsung Pay
  2. Enter the deposit size
  3. Choose a bank card from Samsung Pay
  4. Enter the app’s password to confirm

Samsung Pay is very easy to use for deposits, especially since it comes inbuilt in new Samsung devices.

Samsung Pay Deposit Limits

Samsung Pay allows using your bank cards freely. This means that whatever the limits apply to your bank card use, Samsung Pay works within those limits. So there’s no disadvantage in using a mobile e-wallet like that.

The same applies to withdrawals. Samsung Pay doesn’t have any special casino withdrawal rules or restrictions. You’ll usually be able to withdraw as much as the casino itself allows in a single transaction.