Pay by Kriita Casino

The world of mobile gambling never ceases to amaze us; from the most astonishing games, to the widest array of depositing methods, mobile casinos are stepping up their game. This is exactly where pay by Kriita depositing method comes in. If you’ve never heard of it, join the party! Apparently, it’s an innovative new way to fund your mobile casino account, because when you pay with Kriita, you’re using one of the safest and fastest depositing methods around.

What’s Kriita And How Does Pay By Kriita Work?

Developed and based in Stockholm, the pay by Kriita banking method is relatively new. As a variety of other Scandinavia based on invoicing, Kriita works in the same exact principle. You’ll conduct deposits at an online casino, or multiple casinos if you wish, and at the end of a billing cycle, there will be an invoice sent to you that you can then pay as usual.
That means there are no extra long card numbers and security codes to enter anymore, no e-wallet accounts that you have to set up and remember the details for and absolutely no visits to the store to buy pre-paid vouchers – pay by Kriita is simple, convenient and works from the comfort of your own smartphone.
Before you start using this payment method, however, your credit history will need to be check to establish your deposit limits. That’s a necessary step to ensure that you don’t pay by Kriita at many online sites and then bail when the invoice arrives. So you will need to send in an ID, such as passport, to confirm your identity and allow for a credit check to take place before you’re allowed to make your first Kriita transaction.

Pay By Kriita Is Perfect For Online Gambling

We know we say this pretty often, but many modern banking methods don’t accommodate mobile users very well. Pay by Kriita, however, ticks many of the most important boxes and we’re thrilled to be depositing by Kriita at casinos that allow this.
Pay by Kriita transaction speed is unparalleled as it takes mere seconds – up to a minute max – to confirm a deposit and have the money land in your account, ready to be played. Then, it’s highly convenient as the pay by Kriita account is associated with just your mobile phone number. Sure, you will need to prove your identity and that you are in a good economic standing upon your first pay by Kriita transaction, but from then on, it’s smooth sailing all the way.
Also, when you pay by Kriita, you will save yourself a lot of money. Forget all about the e-wallet processing fees and transactional limits, because Kriita will just charge a small fee for sending you the monthly invoice and that’s it. You can shop as much as you’d like online and have plenty of mobile gambling sessions after you pay by Kriita – there is just the flat fee!
All said, do keep in mind that pay by Kriita method is available only to the residents of certain European countries and although the company does have the ambition to expand globally, it hasn’t quite yet. If you do get a chance to pay by Kriita, we are sure you will love it and will look no further for the ideal banking method in the online gambling industry.