Fonix Casinos

fonix logoFonix is a payment platform that processes phone and SMS payments in the UK. It supports multiple payment methods which are linked to the customer’s mobile network and phone bill.

In many ways, it’s similar to the most popular phone billing service among casino gamblers – Boku. Like Boku, it’s a pay by phone bill solution.

On the other hand, it offers additional advantages that some other similar platforms don’t have yet:

  • Phone bill payments via desktop, tablet and mobile software
  • SMS billing
  • Dedicated apps for making phone bill transactions

This allows the user to choose how exactly they want to complete their money transfers. No other method has such an array of different ways to use the phone billing technology.

What’s more, the same company supports global mobile messaging services. So, it’s essentially a full toolbox for casino operators who want to employ mobile communications and enable mobile billing for their customers.

Fonix is an intermediary between you and your mobile network.

Thus, you won’t get directly in touch with this company if you only use their services to make casino deposits. The casinos themselves will take care of that by providing you access to the payment system itself.

All you’ll have to do is use your phone number and confirm your deposits via your mobile carrier. Making such payments is:

  • Instant (requires no setup)
  • Always fast (there’s no delay)
  • Easy to use (requires only a few taps)
  • Fully secure (offline validation)

As a result, Fonix casinos are getting more popular among mobile gamblers. However, most sites don’t advertise Fonix as an available payment method. In most cases, the service is simply listed as a ‘Pay by Mobile’ option.

So, if you gamble at many different online websites, chances are you’ve already used Fonix at one time or another.

In this guide, we will explain all about the different ways you can use Fonix for gambling.

Pay by Fonix Casinos

Many casinos that work with Fonix to process their users’ phone payments don’t mention it. After all, you only need to take a couple of steps and don’t even need to create an account when using Fonix.

So, it doesn’t make much difference which pay by phone service does the job. So far, only a few gambling websites are confirmed Fonix casinos:

  • Late Casino
  • Jetbull

Many other sites may be using the platform like the sites mentioned above without advertising it. If you do stumble upon a Fonix casino that you like, though, you can be sure of one thing:

At Fonix phone bill casinos, you’ll get the best mobile payments service possible.

It’s true that Boku, PayForIt and even PayviaPhone are more popular platforms within the segment. Despite that, Fonix is quickly gaining popularity.

They’ve been operating for many years, though most of the time they were working under a different name. Regardless, they transfer more than a hundred million pounds for over 20 million people a year.

mobile slots gambling

Besides, they work with all the mobile carriers and networks available in the UK. So, regardless of the network operator you have, Fonix casinos are a feasible option for you.

At Fonix casinos, you’ll be able to find everything a mobile gambling site should have:

  1. Mobile slots, live casino, table games and jackpots
  2. Bonuses that are accessible to players who make small deposits
  3. A loyalty system that will make every pound wagered count
  4. 24/7 customer support to help you with pay by phone billing and other casino issues
  5. Mobile-first layout and site that is easy to navigate in just a few taps

So, you’ve made the right choice to gamble with Fonix if you’re a modern player who plays on the go.

Fonix Mobile Billing

One way to use Fonix is by mobile billing. This includes all sorts of software for various companies allowing their customers to pay directly via their mobile carrier.

When it comes to phone bill casino clients, it means that they can deposit using this software without a bank card. They don’t even need to send any text messages either.

Carrier billing at Fonix works in a similar way to its competitors such as Boku, except that no messages are required. It takes just a few taps on your mobile, laptop or any other device.

It’s not like there are no safety measures in place, though.

fonix pay by phone

Making a Fonix deposit by the mobile billing option includes these steps:

  1. Identity confirmation via a mobile network
  2. Choosing the mobile billing option
  3. Confirming the payment request

After you click the final confirmation button, the whole process will take almost no time. Fonix will essentially send your request through to your mobile carrier, who in turn will provide the money for you.

In case of a mobile casino deposit, the funds will instantly be sent to your account via the mobile network (not online). You can use this feature many times without actually paying anything in on your own.

All your deposits will be visible on your monthly bill though. That’s when you’ll have to pay back to your mobile provider, along with paying for any other mobile services.

Fonix mobile billing isn’t restricted to phones either.

Unlike other mobile payment intermediaries, Fonix allows making the same transactions on any device. Be it a laptop, a smartphone or even a TV with access to the internet, Fonix is fully functional everywhere.

So, it’s an irreplaceable solution for players who:

  1. Prefer pay by phone payments and
  2. Enjoy gambling on a laptop instead of their phone

In this case, you won’t have to switch between devices like you did before if you just use this service.

Fonix SMS Billing

For a more traditional way of making pay by phone deposits, Fonix supports SMS billing too. It can be used in a similar way as the carrier billing option.

The only difference – you guessed it – is that the gambler will have to send an SMS message to confirm the payment. The same kind of system is used by Boku mobile, PayForIt and others.

Naturally, it’s only available for mobile casino users who play on their smartphones, though. Yet the inner workings of this method and the method we mentioned above are nearly identical.

man at an airport using smartphone

This means that paying at Fonix casinos by a text message is equally advantageous:

  • Unparalleled speed
  • No registration or identification required (your phone number is the identification)
  • Access for all players in the UK
  • Ease of use

Like other pay by phone methods, though, there’s a deposit limit that applies. You can only request no more than £30 per day. By spending more, the system simply won’t work and will notify you of an exceeded limit.

The great news is that this is the only limit you’ll need to remember. Other than that, it will only take a few seconds to make the payment by a message. It’s much simpler than using debit or credit cards.

All the major mobile network carriers work with payments at Fonix casinos. This includes:

  • Vodafone
  • EE
  • Three
  • BT Mobile
  • O2

Besides, the system is completely secure. It doesn’t just transfer the money by a mobile network, which is impossible to interrupt or hack into. It’s also verified by a different password every single time. So, you can’t make unauthorised payments simply by knowing someone else’s phone number.

There are several ways a Fonix casino may process mobile payments. Some may even allow you to choose how exactly you want to use their service.

What is Fonix?

Fonix has been established in 2006. At the time, though, they were called Orca Digital. During the early years, this London-based company provided services for businesses in entertainment.

They used to focus on mobile telephony at first. However, in 2014 the company re-organized itself under new leadership. Since that time, their mobile payments platform has been their main product.

The same platform is still used and developed today. The company has many partners in various sectors that extend beyond the confines of gaming and gambling. Their services can be used for:

  • Donations
  • Mobile Voting
  • App & In-App Purchases
  • Tickets
  • Parking
  • Media Subscriptions
  • Other Micro-Transactions

During the last couple of years, Fonix has been growing exponentially. Thanks to this recent success, we can now enjoy Fonix casinos and mobile-funded real-money games.

So, if pay by phone is your preferred deposit method, you don’t necessarily need to stick to Boku. Fonix is just as good and will likely become much more popular in the near future.