Android Pay Casino

Shortly after Apple announced the launch of Apple Pay – and in a move that surprised exactly no one – Android launched its own version of an online mobile payment system, imaginatively calling it ‘Android Pay’.

What is Android Pay?

Allowing you to store credit and debit card details to make online payments, as well as real world purchases, Android Pay is a great option for mobile casino players who predominantly use their cards for deposits, but are sick of re-entering their details at every new casino.

The service allows payments for the following services:

  • Deposits
  • Withdrawals
  • Online shopping
  • Subscription payments
  • Online donations
  • Gaming Microtansactions

Android Pay may not be as widespread as services like PayPal but they're certainly handy if you're an Android user.

TL;DR – Android Pay is financial transaction service and is used for a variety of purposes. 

How Android Pay Differs from Apple Pay

Other than the fact that Android Pay assists Android users while Apple Pay serves Apple users, there is little difference between these two options.

They both use a one-button identification method that allows you to instant-pay anything that has a contact-less scanner. It also serves as a form of payment for online goods and services via various mobile apps.

Using Android Pay at Mobile Casinos

When you make a payment, simply double-tap your home button while on your lock screen and select the right debit or credit card to pay with. Your thumb print will be used to identify you, meaning nobody else can use it aside from you. It's the quirk this kind of technology affords us.

Of course, this does make it all too easy to whip your phone out and pay for things then thinking about the cost later but if you budget effectively then it will not be an issue for many users.

How Easy Are Pay By Android Pay Casino Sites To Use?

One of the best things about Android Pay is that it is super easy to use. As described above, all it needs is your thumb print and the rest is taken care of for you. It turns your device into a paying card so you don't even need to get out your wallet.

When you deposit at a mobile casino, simply visit the payment page on your chosen casino and choose the option among the listed. It's going to among the mobile payment options, we reckon, and to tell if a casino provides it, look for the Android logo at the bottom of their page.

Being the type of payment that it is, as well, Android Pay is probably one of the easiest forms of payment around. Easiest for Android users, that is. Anyone else doesn't exactly qualify unless they get an Android phone.

TL;DR – The reason Android Pay  is so easy is because of the thumbprint recognition technology. 

What Are The Downfalls Of Using Android Pay?

Of course, the obvious downside to using Android Pay is the fact it can only work for those who use Android.

Even then, it's not as common as Apple Pay and there is a limit to £30 per transaction. We doubt you'll deposit that much, so we'll safely assume this is not an issue for most users.

We'd still strongly recommend having another financial transaction method in place too in case Android Pay stops working. You can never be too sure about these things, but if anything were to go wrong then you would be quite stuck.

TL;DR – There are some downsides to using Android Pay that limit users.