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In the world of mobile casino SMS depositing, there’s one name that looms large in the industry: PayForIt. It’s a name seen increasingly at casinos and represents a depositing system which is fast, convenient and super secure. But what exactly is PayForIt and how can you make it work for you? While there are definitely some limitations to using PayForIt at your favourite casinos, many casual players find it an invaluable tool to enjoy mobile casinos more than ever, and if you’ve never tried it, there’s every reason to give it a go.


An Outline of PayForIt

PayForIt is the most well-known and widely used system through which users can make micropayments (payments of relatively small amounts of money) online, directly from their mobile phone’s credit or contract. Money for payments made at casinos using PayForIt depositing is either removed from a Pay-as-You-Go user’s credit or added to a pay monthly user’s contract as a charge.

As far as mobile casinos are concerned, those micropayments act as deposits into a player’s casino account, meaning once the payment has gone through, they’re able to use the money to play PayForIt slots and other casino games. Because of the nature of PayForIt deposits, it’s one of the few mobile casino depositing methods which can’t also be used to withdraw winnings.

Also unlike other casino banking methods, payments made using PayForIt aren’t actually handled by PayForIt, nor by a PayForIt mobile casino. Another difference among PayForIt PayPal, PaysafeCard, Zimpler and all other depositing services is the fact that PayForIt isn’t a company. It's just the mechanism that casinos use to directly take payments from your phone. Your payment will be handled by an accredited intermediary, but even so, PayForIt deposits are still much speedier than other options.


How PayForIt Deposits Work at Mobile Casinos

There are a number of steps and a number of important players in PayForIt deposits. The first is obviously you, the player, who wants to enjoy great mobile slots and casino games as soon as possible. So you head to…

The casinos

GoWin LogoWhere can I use PayForIt, you ask? It's true that not all casinos accept  PayForIt deposits, but an increasing number do, seeing that it pays to be a PayForIt online casino. You’ll be able to quickly see if a casino offers mobile billing options even before signing up, and should find it under banking/cashier when you’re ready to make a deposit. But casinos can’t process the deposits on their own, so they call on…

Accredited payment intermediaries

These are the companies which actually process the payment, and are responsible for making the use of PayForIt UK possible. The most popular and well known API in the country is Boku, but it’s joined by a number of other, less known brands such as Bango, Oxygen8, Impulse Pay, Dialogue and txtNation. Whichever API is dealing with your deposit, the process and outcome should be the same, and will always involve…

Network providers

Mobile Network ProvidersThe only party involved who knows if you have credit on your phone, or can charge your phone bill is the network provider (often referred to as the carrier) which you use. For users of PayForIt O2, T-Mobile, Orange, Vodaphone and other major UK providers are all good options that should allow your PayForIt payments to go through in no time.

It's actually the major network providers who came together in the first place to create PayForIt, as they saw the space for easy, relatively low value mobile payments, and knew they could provide them.


Step by Step Depositing with PayForIt

1. Select from deposit options

PayForIt casino sites have this payment method listed in the banking/cashier section, just like with any other depositing option. If you don't see it, don't worry. You might find it under the guise of ‘Pay by Phone’, ‘SMS Deposits’ or ‘Boku’, among others. Simply select this option, and you’ll be taken to the PayForIt deposits page.

2. Choose your deposit value and confirm

Decide how much you want to deposit (usually limited to £10 per transaction, or £30 per day) and enter that into the box provided. All you need to do then is hit ‘Confirm’, and the rest will be sorted out for you. This is the stage at which most time is saved by PayForIt.

3. Respond to the SMS

If everything’s gone to plan, you should soon receive an SMS through to your phone asking to confirm you want to make the deposit. All you need to do here is check that the amount is correct and reply confirming everything is correct (the response to confirm varies from one casino PayForIt to another).

4. Wait for your confirmation then get playing

You’ll be sent another SMS when the payment has been successful. Because PayForIt is such a direct depositing method, you should be able to head straight to the mobile casino PayForIt mobile and find your funds in your account. All you have to do then is start spinning slots and winning lots.


The Pros of Using PayForIt

All you need is a phone

Phone with 'Pay Now'By far and away the biggest reason most players who use PayForIt will cite for utilising the payment method is that it only requires a mobile phone with access to credit or a phone bill. If you think about everyone you know, how many people fit into the demographic of ‘people with phones’ – I’m guessing that’s somewhere near 100%.

The fact you only need a phone isn’t just convenient in its own right, but also because of what you DON’T need. You don’t need to have your purse or wallet on you to refer to your credit or debit cards. You don’t need to enter a voucher or activation code. You don’t even need an online login, or to remember an e-wallet password.

Your information, money & data is safe

Tied very closely to the fact that you only need a phone to deposit is safety, security and privacy of PayForIt and, consequently, PayForIt casinos. Websites that use PayForIt offer unprecedented levels of safety when depositing, as it effectively ring fences your money, preventing unauthorised payments to be taken. Because of the nature of the payments, it’s almost impossible to take money without your consent and even harder to glean useful information about you or your finances with the data it provides.

Safety PadlockWhile the majority of mobile casinos are reputable, and will go to great lengths to protect your data and payment info, you can never be too careful giving banking details out online. For all credit cards, debit cards and e-wallets have their own privacy and security features, each method is susceptible to abuse in the wrong hands.

You might be unlucky and find yourself at a scam or corrupted casino, or you might even be playing on an insecure network; in any case, it’s better not to be sharing actual banking or e-banking details.

It’s not just about keeping sensitive information away from those with bad intent. You'll find a bubble of anonymity at each PayForIt casino UK. That's because the record of your deposits to a casino will simply come up on your phone bill the same as a phone call, so the payment is kept totally private to you! Not even your bank will know a payment has been made.

You’re limited

There are some pretty strict limits on the amounts you can deposit at an online casino with PayForIt. Most casinos that accept PayForIt only allow deposits up to £10 in each transaction and up to £30 a day. This isn’t just the casinos being tight – this is a limit agreed and set by the networks which facilitate mobile payments. These limits are designed to protect you and your money. Aside from making sure no one can nick more than £30 from you in one day if your phone is stolen, PayForIt’s limits mean you can never accidentally deposit more than you intent.

The other benefit of these limits is that they better help you manage your money at casinos. By having a relatively low amount available to deposit, PayForIt actually aids in your self-control, by ensuring you can’t just keep depositing until you’re broke. It encourages you to take a break from the mobile slots if you run out of cash and be more cautious in your bets.

Don't get the impression that using PayForIt will save you from overspending, however. You can still accumulate a solid debt if you deposit £30 every day for a month. While overspending is less likely with this payment method, it's still possible. But if you ever wonder how to cancel PayForIt on Three, Vodafone or any other network, it's easier than you think. Just contact the respective provider and they'll sort it out in no time.


The Cons of Using PayForIt

Not a Withdrawal Method

boku deposit limitKeep in mind throughout everything that’s said above that PayForIt can only ever be used as a deposit method; it’s not a true casino ‘banking’ method in its own right, as you cannot use it to make withdrawals from any casino. Although this makes sense – why would you want thousands of pound worth of phone credit if you won a jackpot – it still makes for a frustrating time when you come to cashing out.

Basically your choices are going to be limited to getting your cash through bank transfer or via a cheque by mail. As any mobile casino gambler who has ever used one of these withdrawal methods will know, they’re among the longest to clear and can often take weeks before you’re securely in possession of your winning. Although this isn’t a reason to not use PayForIt outright, it does go a long way to undo a lot of the convenience created by the deposit method.

You’re Limited

No, you’re not getting déjà vu: the fact you’re limited in your spending is both a pro and a con to using PayForIt deposits. For the casual gambler who doesn’t want to throw too much cash away at a mobile casino, these limits may be a great way of staying on top of their finances, but not all of us play that way.

Many people want to play big and win big on mobile slots and casino games and deposit method that limits us to £30 a day when we’re feeling lucky is bound to feel simply counter-productive. The drawbacks of the limits don’t totally outweigh the safety and self-control positives, but you’ve got to make up your mind – what’s more important to you and your style of play?

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