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One of the latest e-wallet-looking payment services for your mobile is Samsung Pay. Functioning pretty much on exactly the same principal as Apple Pay and Android Pay (i.e. turning your phone into a smart wallet for your cards for use online or in stores), only Samsung Pay is available exclusively on Samsung products. The only discernible difference between Samsung pay and other services like Apple Pay and Android Pay (other than only being available on Samsung devices) is that, just like your actual wallet, you’re able to store electronic versions of gift cards, membership cards, and loyalty cards through the service.
What benefit this fact offers to mobile casino players has yet to be worked out. Of course, being a Samsung service means that it’s theoretically perfect for use at Android casinos, however, because it’s such a niche payment option, casinos are being super slow on the uptake of the payment method. Don’t expect to be able to just go to any casino and deposit with Samsung Pay just yet, while in a few years it might be the norm, it really hasn’t caught on yet.

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