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Phone Bill Deposits

boku pay by mobilePhone bill casinos are ten a penny these days and for good reason. When you make phone bill deposits, you’re safe in the knowledge that:

Phone bill deposits have a number of built-in and innate security features. This prevents using phone depositing in any fraudulent way. They’re among the most secure deposits you can make at a mobile casino.

In this guide, we will explain how phone billing achieves such efficiency and safety. We will also tell how you can use it, what are the limits, and where to use it too. So grab your mobile phone and try this payment method with us.

How Pay by Phone Bill Deposits Work

Pay by phone bill is exactly what it sounds like. Instead of using a credit card or an e-wallet, you use your mobile phone directly. Depending on your plan, the money you deposit this way is either:

  1. Withdrawn from your phone bill as you use it (pay as you go)
  2. Added to your monthly bill (mobile contract)

There’s a huge advantage to using pay by phone bill. You don’t need to create any accounts or set up your personal details.

Your phone number is just enough to cover for it all. That’s because your mobile network provider has all the necessary details based on your number.

When you use this method at a casino to deposit, it’s your mobile provider that pays for you. Casino gets the money directly from them and adds it to your casino account. Then the mobile provider charges you in one of the two ways mentioned above.

How to Use Phone Billing?

What does it take to make phone bill deposits at mobile casinos? Probably way less effort than you think! Especially if you’ve never used the depositing option before. Just try this out once, and you’ll be a convert forever:

There are many pay by phone bill services and some may use slightly different steps. However, it’s more or less the same everywhere. Some casinos won’t even ask for a phone number and use your number automatically. This makes the process even faster.

Phone Bill Casinos

There are many phone bill casinos out there and more are launching all the time. If you want the very best mobile casino experience though, we suggest one of those:

What About the Limits?

Phone billing does indeed have its limits. You can only deposit £30 per day. This even applies if you deposit at three different casinos. Or even if you use the same method to pay for items or services online.

No matter how much you use it, £30 per day is the limit. Yet you can also deposit as little as £1, assuming the casino allows it. There are some that do.

Such small limits may sound bad. However, it’s more than enough for low-rollers and it’s also an effective way to limit one’s expenses. Not only is it automatic, it extends to all mobile casinos you will find.

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