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It’s a little-known fact, but many pay by phone billing casinos allow you to make payments using a BT landline.

Although it's not as widely used, landline deposits function in a similar way to SMS billing. When you use a landline phone to make a deposit, the casino adds the value to your monthly landline bill.

Can You Make Landline Phone Casino Deposits?

The short answer to this question: yes, you can!  For young readers out there, few of you may have landlines these days. This probably why it's hard to imagine making a deposit with one. But it's a quick and efficient way of depositing small value casino funds at your favourite sites.

How to Make Landline Phone Casino Payments

To make a deposit via landline phone, all you need to do is:

After you have done these, the casino will instruct your phone provider to call the number given. Then they will give receiver of the call a unique security code for the deposit. Upon entering the code into the casino, they will credit the value of your deposit into your account. 

TL;DR — Making a landline phone casino payment is easy to use and many achieve it through four simple steps!

Landline Phone Casino Pros

There are a lot of advantages to landline phone casino payments. Many of them are obvious while some are much subtler and become easy to miss when you don't use it. Here are the primary advantages to using landline phone casinos:

These alone are good enough reasons for to use landline casino payments. But what about the cons? 

TL;DR — Many reasons exist on why you should be using landline phone casino options if it's at your disposal. 

Landline Phone Casino Cons

Of course, there are also a couple of downsides to using landline casino phone payments. Not enough to prevent you doing it but good to know about. Here are a couple of reasons it can be a bit of a pain.

In short, the disadvantages to using landline phone casinos are obvious. But they shouldn't be too hindering that they stop you using it.

TL;DR — Landline phone casino payments have downsides but not enough to make it a bad option. 

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