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Shortly after Apple announced the launch of Apple Pay – and in a move that surprised exactly zero people – Android launched its own version of an online and mobile payment system, imaginatively called ‘Android Pay’. Allowing you to store credit and debit card details to make online payments, as well as real world purchases, Android Pay is a great option for mobile casino players who predominantly use their cards for deposits, but are sick of re-entering their details at every new casino.
One aspect we really love about Android Pay is the interface when selecting which card to use for your payment. You can set up any number of credit or debit cards to use in conjunction with you Android Pay account, and when you add a new one, it will be added to your ‘wallet’. When you come to make a payment, you can visually thumb through your cards, as if they were in a real wallet, meaning you don’t have to remember card numbers or expiry dates to make sure you’re using the right one.

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