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mobile sinsPay by phone billing has been labelled as quick, easy and efficient by many people besides us. And it's true! It surprises us how not more people are using it purely for that fact alone. Not to say that pay by phone billing doesn't come with its own set of drawbacks, but a question has arisen recently over whether it can make you less of a problem gambler.

We're not talking about problem gamblers who happen to use phone deposits but of players who become addicted thanks to switching to this method. While there's plenty of statistics that may or may not support this theory, we can only make an educated guess.

The Daily Deposit Limit

boku deposit limitThe logic behind the speculation is (hopefully) pretty clear. Pay by phone billing is famous for its £30 daily deposit limit, which might tread on players' ability to become an addict. How are you supposed to spend more than that £30 a day if you're constantly being barred by mobile phone networks? It's a non-negotiable limit, too, so it's not like you can make any kind of maneuver. It doesn't matter which mobile network you use, either. If you're on O2, Vodafone, EE, Three, or even Tesco Mobile the limit is exactly the same.

If you happen to be a problem gambler, however, we'd argue that it doesn't matter if the limit exists. As long as you get access to a depositing service, you will still be able to fuel your addiction. In other words, you might become addicted as a result of pay by phone billing but that doesn't mean its limitations will stop you from finding other ways to gambler. That's just the truth of the matter.


Original Design

mobile deposits every day consistentOn the other hand, the argument that pay by phone billing helps you become less of an addict loses some ground when you consider the fact that they were never intended to be used for mobile gambling in the first place. Originally, it was conceived as a way for people to pay for subscription fees quickly and effectively. This meant services like Boku had as much to do with gambling as PayPal did. How can it help reduce something it wasn't designed for?

That isn't to say, however, that just because something wasn't built with a specific purpose in mind that it can't be useful in other ways. Whoever invented Guinness most certainly didn't intend to burn those hops. Now Guinness is enjoyed as one of Ireland's most beloved beverages. Yet it didn't solve alcoholism. So why does pay by phone billing have to prevent problem gambling?


You Can't Help Addiction

gambling addictionOverall, problem gambling exists whether we want it to or not. As long as gambling exists, there will be people who become addicted to it. It's just the unfortunate reality. Pay by phone billing neither increases or decreases the likelihood of players developing an addiction — it is simply a method for players to use as a financial transaction.

If you believe you might be struggling with a problem gambling, there are numerous websites you can access that will give you the resources you need to get help. Please, reach out. There’s no need suffer in silence.

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