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Playing Online Poker — Is It Worth A Shot?

Poker Chips and Cards on KeyboardPoker is arguably one of the world's most well known gambling games. From movies to artwork (we've all seen those dogs), poker is renowned for being ‘cool' and, more importantly, a game for everyone. Online poker, takes that idea and does one better, as you don't even need to go to a casino to get involved. Online poker also has the added benefit of not costing a fortune as, on the internet, you can play for pennies. There's over 100 million poker players worldwide, which is more than play golf, so is it about time you get in on the action?

What Is Online Poker?

Online poker is simply the traditional poker game played over the internet, worldwide. It's pretty self explanatory when you think about it, but we can understand it can be a little daunting if you've never ventured into playing before.

There are a variety of different online casinos that offer online poker, and numerous variations of poker too. The wide range of games means there is always an option to suit everyone, with different stakes available and different designs.

Poker on MobileThe rules of the game in online poker are exactly the same as a live poker game in a bricks and mortar casino. There are some perks however to playing the game on the internet. These are mainly the fact you can play at anytime you want, and anywhere, and that you can play for smaller amounts. The downside is that you're playing against strangers so it's much harder to tell if someone's bluffing. In time you'll learn how to figure it out, and on the plus side, it's more difficult for your opposition to tell if you are too!

Playing online poker is a very popular hobby, for the same reasons live poker is. It's engaging, relatively easy to play, and can be very exciting. It also takes into consideration skill, which is something slots lack. Of course, it can also be particularly lucrative!


How To Get Started

Getting started with online poker is an incredibly easy affair. Basically all you need to do is pick a site, and get playing! Some sites even offer free-play games so you don't even need to think about depositing until you're ready.

Online poker comes in many different forms and can be played on all sorts of devices. Mobile poker is particularly popular, but you can also play on desktop or tablet. Some sites may require you to download software to be able to play but, again, this is a very quick and simple process. One thing you do need to do, however, is pick which kind of game you want to play. The most common game online is Texas Hold' Em, yet some sites also offer the likes of 7 Card Stud games and Omaha poker.

Alongside different games, there's also different formats of online poker. Here are some of the most popular:

Cash Games
Cash games (also known as ring games) are perhaps the most traditional format of online poker. In these gmes yu play with chips that directly relate to cash amounts. Like live poker, once you have your chips you're free to cash out in any round. This is perfect for those who want to play five or ten minutes at a time, but it also offers the choice of playing for much longer too. In general, these games are favoured by players who don't want to get tied into a tournament game that may continue for many hours.

Netbet Poker GameplayTournaments
In online poker tournaments you pay a set buy-in price and receive a stack of chips. If your chips run out, you're out of the game and the winner is the player who collects everybody's chips. Tournaments are very popular online, as they're great for competitive players. They're also one of the best ways to win a big prize pool without having to pay too much to start. Many tournaments will cost you £10 to buy in, but you have the opportunity to win over 10000x that amount.

Sit & Go Games

Sit & Go games are like smaller tournaments, usually with only one table playing. The concept is relatively new, and reflects the fast paced atmosphere that online gamers are used to. Sit and Go games start frequently due to their popularity, so you're never waiting around to play. These types of games take much less time than traditional tournament games, yet offer smaller prize pools.


Where To Play Online Poker

Sadly, if you want to play online poker, you'll have to venture to a casino other than GoWin! We know, it's shocking right! Unfortunately at the moment we don't offer poker games, although we are looking into it! For the time being, however, we do have a few recommendations, so you can rest assured you're in good hands.
pokerstars logoPokerStars
PokerStars is one of the biggest UK poker sites and it offers a wide games selection. This includes Texas Hold Em, Omaha, Five Card Draw, Courchevel and Seven Card Stud.  Their Sit & Go games are always lively, meaning you should be able to play at any time you want. PokerStars also offers numerous tournaments, including some that you can buy-in for as little as £1. As they're a very popular site, their jackpots are some of the biggest around. As if all that wasn't enough to convince you it's a good place to play, PokerStars also have some great welcome bonuses on offer, including a 100% deposit, up to £500.

Play at PokerStars Now

NetBet LogoNetBet 

NetBet is another well revered site for playing online poker. They feature cash games such as Texas Hold Em and Omaha, along side unique variants such as Twister Poker and Speed Poker. You can also play Sit and Go games, and get involved with some huge tournaments. NetBet is also perfect for newbies as they offer an interactive Online Poker School, so you can really practise and sharpen your skills. New players will also receive £20, completely free! Just make a deposit and over the course of a fortnight, NetBet will give you two installments of £10. On top of this, they offer a 200% deposit match bonus, up to £1,500.

Play at NetBet Now


LadyLucks Logo


LadyLucks is a very respected casino site with a wealth of experience up it's sleeve. It's actually been operating for over 10 years and was Britain's first online casino. Compared to the other sites mentioned, LadyLucks' poker offerings are modest, yet they're on par in terms of quality. The casino offers Jacks or Better and Video poker, and these can be played at either low or high stakes. LadyLucks know how to reward their members and that's why you'll receive £20 completely free upon registration. On top of that you'll be treated to a 100% match bonus when you deposit, up to £500.

Play at LadyLucks Now

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