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Genting Casino Review — Land-Based Casino Excels Online And On Mobile

Genting Casino Review 2018

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The majority of online and mobile casinos started their lives in the digital world, coming to life only on the computer, tablet and smartphone screens of players. Genting Casino, on the other hand, is a site which made the rare transition from real-life land-based casino to an online and mobile one. We plan to go into this during this Genting review.

What does this mean for players? It means they’re enjoying themselves at a casino site run by a brand that understands how to offer a holistic gambling experience and manages to make every element of playing at the site a pleasure.

The brand itself it almost 50 years old, but its online offering wasn’t launched until 2010, with the mobile site launching a little while later in 2013. Though it’s an old brand, there’s nothing outdated about its digital offering. There’s good reason why thousands of players every day choose to make Genting Casino their online and mobile gambling destination of choice.

Founded: 2010

Licensed countries: UK, China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, USA & Canada


Genting Slot Reviews and Features

Genting has many different kinds of gambling available on the site. This makes the site pretty diverse and a great place to players to go if they want to dip in an out of different practices. Here are the all the kinds of games you can find at Genting:

Sports Betting: Genting features many forms of sports betting.

Live Casino: Genting features different live casino games including Baccarat, Blackjack, and Roulette.

Classic Slots: Genting features video and classic slots that tailor to all kinds of tastes.

That's quite a range of different gambling types. That's ideal for those gamblers among us who get bored easily. Not that players have a short attention span or antyhing. It's just that sometimes it's best to have a change.

TL;DR — Genting offers a wide range of  different content for different sorts of players. 

Genting Slot Games & Providers

While the list of developers whose games you’ll find at Genting Casino isn’t all that long. Since each of them comes along with a huge selection of games in their own right, however, there’s enough high quality gaming content to provide Genting with over 400 games.

Here is the complete list of game providers at Genting:

So, yes, not the widest selection of developers but each one has enough games to keep you occupied. It just goes to show that Genting knows how to please different gaming crowds with its selection of developers. It is all too easy just to pick the popular ones and stick with those. By choosing these developers, they have guaranteed quality as well as quantity.

TL; DR — Genting has few game providers but provides many games. 

Mobile and Tablet Usage

Because Genting is an international organisation that covers health and fitness, hospitality, and gambling, it already has at least four apps on the market for people to download and share. As it stands, they have two available linked to gambling:

Alternatively, you can access the Genting online casino site through the following internet browsers on most if not all devices. You can access them on a tablet, mobile or desktop:

Being such a large company, Genting had the finances to pay for all this mobile integration. We can only hope there will be more apps developed in the future.

TL;DR — Genting has an excellent grasp on the mobile gambling market with two separate apps to download. 

Genting in the Press and Advertising

Naturally, because Genting is such a big corporation, they have a bit of cash to spend on some mass-advertising. More than the average online casino, at any rate. Their presence includes all the typical social media profiles such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. Because it's so huge, separate accounts exist for the different branches that are spread across the world.

That's online, now what about more traditional forms of media? As Genting as a company has been around since the 1960s, there definitely has been one or two stories in newspapers about them, whether advertising or reporting some scandalous story. They have a full-flung TV advertising campaign too, with two adverts that show off the casino's style and flair. The first is a 30-second TV ad that demonstrates the live casino capabilities and can be viewed here. The second is called ‘The Player' and can be viewed here.

TL;DR — Genting has a strong advertising presence in both the press and on the internet. 

Genting Popular Games & Slots

Like every other mobile casino that exists, Genting has a section depicting featured games and slots. It's a great way to advertise a  particular game and a chance to showcase the best the site has to offer.

Here is a list of the most popular games at Genting right now:

There are many, many other games that Genting entertains including gaes which aren't slots. On the featured page, you can expect to see quite a few versions of blackjack and roulette.

TL;DR — Genting has a great selection of featured games on its site. 

Genting SignUp & Gameplay

genting-registrationSigning up to Genting is fairly simple and can be done within a few minutes. Simply click on the register button on their front page, labeled as ‘Join Now', then fill out the dialogue box with your details to create your account.

Easy, right? Minimal effort is required in this process and once you've created the said account, you can access all of Genting's games and promotional material to use at your leisure.

genting games

You can also deposit real money to wager on just about anything to do with the place including live slots, casino games and sports betting.

Sign up today and you can experience it for yourself!

TL;DR — Signing up to Genting is easy and offers many kinds of benefits to the player. 

Genting Welcome Bonus

The welcome bonus at Genting Casino is really something to behold. You might think that a single, one-off bonus of 100% doesn’t sound so impressive. Yet, when you think of it in the context of it having a £1,000 limit, it rather changes your attitude somewhat.

Current Bonus: Basically, any player depositing between £10 and £1,000 in their first deposit are guaranteed to have their money doubled. Yep, that’s all you’re getting, but if you can afford a grand as a first deposit, you’re going to have an extra grand to play with. You can’t sniff at that.

TL;DR — Get your welcome bonus of up to £1,000 at Geting today! 

Genting Payment Method

You'd think a massive business like Genting would provide many different types of banking methods for players to use. As a matter of fact, the only methods they offer are:

This is perhaps the biggest aspect to the site that we are most upset about. Not only are the options incredibly limited, but the Through the UK Casino idea is ludicrous. A minimum deposit of £50 is a joke, frankly, and excludes many lower-income players. You can't even pay by SMS bulling. What a waste of time.

Genting Support & Contact

Let's take a good look at all the customer support contacts Genting has to offer. Thankfully, it's much better than their banking. There are a fair few places to contact them from in case you ever require their services.

In conclusion, players who want to deposit via mobile or any other option may want to avoid Genting. Ok, it might be a little harsh to get hung up on just that element, but it’s a pretty big blinding issue if you ask us.

Other than that oversight, Genting has a lot going for it, and a broad appeal to all players. It’s got loads of slots, but also is so focused on getting its casino games and live tables right that it offers a really great casino experience all round.

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