Smartwatch Casino

Wearable technology has been long time coming to the gambling industry, so it’s no surprise that smartwatch casino sites are popping up everywhere. You might have gotten an Apple smartwatch for Christmas last year or cannot think of life without your Fitbit, but if you love playing casino games then there’s more to your wearable device than calculating your every step. Software providers and casinos alike have expanded into the smartwatch casino industry and we couldn’t be more excited – it means that all our favourite slots are even more portable!

How Does A Smartwatch Casino Work?

First things first, you cannot access and play at a smartwatch casino without a smartwatch. Although the Apple Watch is by far the most known and celebrated, there are plenty of other devices too, such as the Samsung Gear and The Pebble. Basically, you are looking for a device that the smartwatch casino would support and have games compatible to it too. The operating system can be iOS or it can be Android, and based on that your choice of smartwatch casino sites will be limited.

However, it’s not just the device that we need to figure out when talking about a smartwatch casino, but the ‘companion’ games too. Since the wearable technology is still in the very early stages of development, some games only work on your smartwatch after you’ve paired them with a smartphone too.

smartwatch casino
How this works is you visit a smartwatch casino on your phone, pick and load the casino game that you wish to play and then ‘pair’ the phone with your smartwatch. Then, you can simply put your handheld device away and use the watch to control the casino game in its entirety. As of today, this way of playing is quite limited in the number of games that it can provide, but we are quite certain that with the growing popularity of wearables, we’ll see a boom of smartwatch casino sites like the decade-old mobile casino boom too.

Play On The Go – The Best Smartwatch Casino

Once you’ve got the technology itself sorted and compatible with the games you wish to play, an obvious question arises – which smartwatch casino should you play at? Contrary to popular belief, smartwatch casino sites are now more widespread and available than ever before and there is quite a choice of them.

Initially, you should find a smartwatch casino that’s properly licenced and regulated within your jurisdiction. Of course, the casino should be marked as ‘smartwatch compatible’ and offer at least a handful of games that you could play on your smart wearable device. Since it’s the early days of smartwatch casino gambling, you cannot expect hundreds of games to be compatible, but we’d say a dozen would be fair to have.

Then, you should pay attention to the selection of promotions and bonuses that the smartwatch casino offers. No one wants to compromise on that and smartwatch users shouldn’t feel that they need to compromise on all the usual perks that regular casino players get. In other words, when you are playing at a smartwatch casino, you should be welcomed handsomely, rewarded for your loyalty and accommodated at all times.