iphone xs mobile gamblingThe humble mobile phone has been on such a huge journey over the last decade and as the power and capabilities of mobile devices grew, the mobile phone became known as the smartphone.

It is really with the take up of smartphones that the mobile platform has become an important part of the decision making when it comes to the IT sector. From product and app developers, through to the users that benefit from the technology – everyone's thinking mobile first.

There are currently a wide range of mobile platforms (also known as operating systems), but without a doubt, there are two that lead the pack by a huge margin:

  • Apple's iOS
  • Google's Android

Apple iOS in Mobile Gambling


iOS Apple's iOS platform was truly a pioneer and game changer, used to operate all of Apple’s mobile devices including the now extinct iPod, iPhone and iPad.

The iOS system for your iPad and iPhone is constantly being updated with new features. New iPhones come out annually, and with sky-high price tags, they pack some ultra-modern technology that makes gambling on your smartphone a real breeze.

Many casinos nowadays also have their own iOS apps. They might not be everyone's preference, but they are really useful for those who want easy access straight from their home screen, a very quick process to deposit money into their casino account and a way to save their login details, so they don't have to be typed out in a browser window every single time you start a gambling session.

What's with Android that Makes it so Ubiquitous?


Hot on the heels of Apple’s iOS is Google's Android platform. Some might even argue that they've surpassed Apple in many ways, but the struggle between the two giants remains real.

Google took the decision to make the software open source. This led the way for the vast majority of mobile manufacturers to take up the operating system, from the budget range smartphones right up to the latest top-end devices.

This has ensured Android now has the largest share of mobile users across the globe and with the likes of Samsung, HTC and Sony all using a version of the operating system, it could be some time before this changes. Currently, Android users can play on any online casino straight from their browser. Needless to say, both smartphones and tablets of all kinds are supported.

GoWin's Mobile First Philosophy

GoWin has been designed to make the most of the latest mobile platforms and to do so we design and test all of our pages to ensure functionality on both iOS and Android's latest versions.

With more visitors than ever before visiting GoWin via their mobile device – in fact, the overwhelming majority – GoWin is optimised to work flawlessly from whichever device you're trying to tap into our endless resources.

The only thing you should keep in mind is to always run the most up-to-date version of software. This way, we can guarantee that your GoWin experience and your experience on most of the contemporary online and mobile casinos is as best as it can be.

If you have any questions regarding your device compatibility with GoWin, please contact us.