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GoWin Casino has been designed with a mobile first philosophy, we’ve reached a stage now where our mobile and tablet devices can deliver cutting edge gameplay freeing users from being sat in front of their computers and laptops. The thought of bringing a casino product that is truly mobile but without compromising on quality was the main driving force behind GoWin Casino.

Of course none of this would be possible if it wasn’t for the growing intelligence of our phones and, more recently, the introduction of the tablet. The mobile phone has come on such a huge journey over the last 10 years and as the power and capabilities grew the mobile phone became the smartphone.

It is really with the take up of smartphones that the mobile platform has become an important part of the decision making for everyone from product and app developers through to the users that benefit from the technology.

There are currently a wide range of mobile platforms (also known as operating systems) including Firefox, Sailfish, Tizen, Ubuntu, Windows Phone and Blackberry but without a doubt there are two that lead the pack by a huge margin, Apples iOS system and Google's Android.

In recent years we’ve seen these two tech giants battle it out across many fronts but perhaps none more so than in their respective bids to dominate the mobile space.



iOS Apple's iOS platform was truly a pioneer and game changer, used to operate all of Apple’s mobile devices including ipod, iphone and ipad. The iOS system on iPad and iPhone is constantly being updated with new features and as well as running the devices the platform gave birth to the app store where you will now find GoWin Casino has it’s very own app. To learn more about iOS, Apple's range of compatible products and our app click here.



android1Android Hot on the heels of Apple’s iOS was Google's Android platform. Google took the decision to make the software open source this led the way for the vast majority of mobile manufacturers to take up the operating system, from the budget range smartphones right up to the latest top end devices. This has ensured Android now has the largest share of mobile users across the globe and with the likes of Samsung, HTC and Sony all using a version of the operating system it could be some time before this changes. Currently android users can play GoWin Casino in their browser simply search for GoWin Casino on your mobile or tablet device.



GoWin Casino has been designed to make the most of the latest mobile platforms and to do so we design and test all of our games to ensure full functionality for Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and above, this includes all mobile and tablet devices using the operating system.

For iPhone, iPad, iPad Mini and iPod Touch we support iOS 6 and above. Many of our games will continue to play perfectly on older and other operating systems although we cannot guarantee you the full experience. If you have any questions regarding your devices compatibility with GoWin Casino please contact us.

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