Simba Games Casino Bonus Code

simba games casino logoSimba Games casino is a great place for getting a head start in gambling with a bonus code. Using one is very simple as you just need to know it and enter it at the right time.

And since the code isn’t any kind of a secret, every single player is eligible. So, scroll down to see how to use Simba Games bonus code right now.

How to Use Simba Games Bonus Code?

As with pretty much all online and mobile casinos, bonus codes at Simba Games apply when depositing. So, you’ll have to make a deposit and, as you do, enter the bonus code to activate the free offer.

In short, we’ll talk about three steps you need to make to get the bonus if you’re completely new here. They are:

  1. Join Simba Games casino
  2. Enter the deposit details
  3. Enter the bonus code and confirm

simba games casino tournaments

This means that Simba Games casino bonuses don’t trigger automatically. It’s totally possible to cash in some money on the site and completely miss the deposit bonus.

Therefore, it’s crucial to remember to type in the code. The site won’t remind you to do it, but before all that, you need to create a new account if you haven’t done that already.

Step 1: Join Simba Games Casino

Creating a new account at this casino is completely effortless. All you need to do is find the registration screen and fill out the details.

The registration screen will pop up if you just press on any button in the home screen. This is no exaggeration, as both the top banner and all the promotional ads will link you to it.

Once you do it, a table like this should appear in front of the site’s interface:


simba games casino registration


Keep in mind, however, that the site might not work properly on all browsers. We suggest you use Chrome on both desktop and mobile. In our experience, some other browsers simply don’t allow these pop-up windows to show up.

Anyway, as you will notice, there are three steps involved in creating a new account at the site. They’ll ask for information about yourself and your details. In turn, this will include:

  1. Personal details: Name, Gender, Date of birth and E-mail address
  2. Contact details: Address, Country, Postcode, Mobile number
  3. Account details: Username, Password, Security question and answer

Before you confirm the details, you can also choose whether to receive messages about various offers and bonuses. Make sure to select it so as not to miss any special offers or new deposit codes.

Don’t worry if you think you’ll change your mind. Simba Games doesn’t send spam. Besides, even if you don’t like their messages, you can always turn them off. There are separate contact settings for email, SMS, phone calls, web and even post in your account preferences.

Step 2: Enter the Deposit Details

With a new account up and ready, your bonus with a code is just a few clicks away. You’ll find the bonus code input field at the deposit screen. So, simply navigate there and fill out the necessary details.

The “deposit” button is located at the top bar of the site. Press it and then choose one of the available payment methods.



The available methods depend on the location you’re gambling in. We have chosen MasterCard, but even if the list has different options in your case, it’s not a problem. You’ll be able to redeem your deposit code with any method that you choose.

Once you’ve done this, just fill out the necessary payment details as requested. Those will depend on the particular payment method of your choice.

Step 3: Enter the Bonus Code & Confirm

Finally, with all the deposit details filled out, you should notice the bonus code field below them. In case of a MasterCard deposit, you’ll be able to see it instantly:


simba games bonus code deposit

Just enter the current bonus code into the field. Thus, when you finalise your deposit, you’ll get the bonus on top of your selected deposit amount.

Now, just scroll down and press “Submit”. Unless there are some specific confirmations required for your payments service, you’re done! Your Simba Games casino balance should be updated with the deposit AND the bonus.

Simba Games Casino Bonus Offers

Simba Games has had more than one type of bonuses with special codes in the past. Claiming them has always been the same and you could get various free reloads and boosts this way.

You can expect a variety of such coded bonuses, for example:

  • Free spins
  • Reload bonuses
  • Free chips

Several promotions with bonus codes are often available at the same time at Simba Games. In this case, you can only use a single code per deposit.

We suggest you check out all the available bonuses, though. They can be found by pressing the gift button in the lobby:


simba games casino gifts


We suggest browsing this catalogue of bonuses for two reasons:

  1. You’ll be able to select the best current opportunities for free play
  2. Some of them might be “first deposit only”, so they’ll disappear if you don’t claim them right away

Daily Tournaments & Personalised Offers

Aside from all that, Simba Games casino has loads of events going on every single day. This includes special tournaments with various prizes and buy-in limits for all kinds of players.


simba games daily tournaments


Joining such as tournament requires a small fee, but in exchange, you get free money to gamble with. What’s more, if you are the luckiest from the participants, you can win prizes in free spins or even cash.

Recent Simba Games Bonus Codes

As a site with new promotions and offers every single day, Simba Games has used many codes in the past. This includes special codes for a variety of bonuses, some of which are pretty obvious from their names:

  • Start
  • SIMBA30
  • 50SPINS
  • LOAD10
  • 100BON
  • BOMB50
  • LUCKY10

And there’s always more to discover there! With an ever-changing list of promos, it’s never boring at Simba Games casino.