Refer a Friend Bonus

refer a friend bonusOnline gambling doesn’t have to be a solitary hobby. On the contrary! Casinos can sometimes even encourage players to bring their friends along by offering a refer a friend bonus.

Thanks to the many different types of referral bonuses that casinos offer their players, it won’t just be a gaming buddy that you’ll get.

According to the casino you play at and the type of betting games they offer, you might get all sorts of original referral bonuses. Or, you could get a more traditional wad of free cash, which is also great.

Let’s check out what you could be in for if you drag a friend along!

Most Popular Casino Referral Bonus

Classic online casinos do tend to go for the traditional sum of cash or free spins. Here’s a quick rundown of the kind of referral bonuses you might get, and how you can redeem them.

No-Deposit Bonus

refer a friend bonus 1This basically works like a regular no deposit bonus, except for how you actually claim it. You’ll be able to get it only if your friend alerts the casino to the fact that they were referred by you.

When casinos offer referral bonuses, most of the time this is a question that will pop up during the sign-up process. Something along the lines of “Where did you hear about us?”.

There will be options such as Google, casino review sites and then the option to mention the friend who referred you. Make sure your friend knows to select whichever option specifically mentions word of mouth, and you should get a pop-up message to let you know of your bonus.

If you don’t get any pop-ups (this really depends on the casino), then you might want to just check your bonus account. The funds may have simply been added there automatically.

It’s good to note that at some casinos, you won’t be able to get your bonuses if you haven’t at least made the first deposit. So before referring to your friend, you might want to make your first deposit, just to be on the safe side.

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Deposit Match Bonus

If you’re new to casinos then you might not know how deposit match bonuses work. You’ll quickly get used to them, as they’re the most frequent bonus type that casinos offer.

What Is a Deposit Match Bonus?

A deposit match bonus is basically free bonus cash that the casino gives you when you make a deposit. The amount is a percentage of what you deposited, and they cap how much they give you.

For instance, if a referral bonus is a “100% bonus up to $100”, that means you’ll get double your deposit up to a maximum of $100.

How Do I Claim It?

Once your friend has alerted the casino that they’re there thanks to you, you’ll, of course, have to make a deposit before you can claim the referral bonus. The site may prompt you to redeem your bonus by depositing as soon as your friend has mentioned the referral.

If this doesn’t happen, then navigate to your “Deposits” menu to make a deposit. This may be accessed via your account settings, or by clicking on a “Deposit” button.

The bonus may simply be claimed by ticking a box when depositing, or by hitting a button in an extra “Claim Available Bonuses” window once you’ve deposited.

Free Spins

Free Spins LogoThis is something you’ll mostly find at casinos that favour slot games. These are only usable on slots, as they refer to free slot reel spins.

Again you may get a pop-up window to alert you that this bonus has been credited to your account. Even if you don’t, you’ll be able to see it among your available & active bonuses in your account settings, under “Bonuses”.

Free spin bonuses are usually launched by opening whichever game they are usable on. For instance, if your referral bonus is something like “50 free spins on Starburst”, simply open Starburst and you should see them.

Different Referral Programs

Like we mentioned, you may get different types of extras according to what games your online casino specializes in, or what site you’re betting on. It wouldn’t make sense for a sportsbook to offer free spins, for instance.

Indeed, there are many betting sites that specialize in specific areas of gambling instead of offering a full palette of casino games, slots, sports betting, and more. These may, therefore, offer game-specific bonuses.

Let’s take a look at what you’re in for at different types of online betting sites.

Refer a Friend Bonus at Online Sportsbooks

As the main activity you’re doing on online bookmakers is betting on sports, your referral bonus may include free bets. For instance, if your friend signs up and makes a bet, you might get a percentage of your friend’s first deposit amount as a free bet bonus.

Other sportsbooks may also credit you with a set amount of cash, which they will give you in the form of free bets. So you’ll be able to make free bets until you’ve hit the limit of the bonus cash.

Refer a Friend Bonus at a Bingo Site

online bingo refer a friend bonusBingo referral bonuses are usually not as big as what other sites may offer. However, the great thing is that you can usually get a bonus for each friend you refer, not just the one.

Bonus amounts are mostly between $5-30. Your account may be automatically credited or you may have to email the site with your friend’s username once they’ve deposited.

The bingo site will tell you what the requirements to claim the bonus are in any case, so make sure you follow their steps.

Terms and Conditions of Referral Programs

It might be obvious to most players who are already familiar with the gambling industry. But there are of course certain requirements to fulfil before you or your friend can hope to benefit from a referral.

  • Both you and your friend must be at least 18 years old
  • You must have a real money account on which you’ve already deposited money
  • Your friend must also have a real money account and must deposit within a deadline

Some casinos enforce other rules, like limiting their referral bonuses to players who have the same IP address. Make sure you check the terms and conditions of your casino to brush up on any other requirements before you give your friends a shout.