High Roller Bonuses

High roller bonuses – certainly an intriguing prospect, right? But despite being lucrative, they aren’t just for anyone. Indeed, they're reserved for those who deposit big money, the “high stakes, high reward” kind of gambler.

Such bonuses provide more value, sometimes much more value, than your average bonus. However, you certainly have to spend to enjoy them. In this article, we reveal all there is to know about using high roller bonuses.

The Best UK Casinos for High Rollers

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If you fancy yourself as a high roller, then the casinos listed below are a great place to start. They are all known for rewarding their big spenders, be that with exciting bonuses or generous VIP schemes. Moreover, all of these sites offer great games and boast UKGC licences.

Click on any site to read a full, in-depth review.

  1. Betway
  2. 888 Casino
  3. Highroller Casino
  4. Mr Green
  5. bCasino

High Roller Bonuses – The Basics

So, what are high roller bonuses? Although the name might sound big and exciting, it's all very simple. These bonuses are essentially deposit matches for high amounts of money.

Sounds pretty boring, right? Well, perhaps they are in definition, but the amount of money high roller bonuses can reward you with certainly isn’t.

High roller bonuses are designed to reward brave players who are willing to take a risk.

With simple high roller bonuses, casinos will match high deposits up to a certain percentage. For example, a casino may offer something akin to:

  • Deposit £1,500 and receive £1,000 in bonus money
  • 100% matched deposit bonus up to £5,000

The one common feature is that all high roller bonuses involve a lot of money. Simple £20 deposits just aren’t going to cut it for high roller bonuses.

High Roller Players – Who Gets High Roller Bonuses?

As you become more and more competent at gambling, you will gain the confidence to deposit larger amounts. Or maybe those low stake bonuses just aren’t hitting the spot anymore.

We’d like to hope that you don’t go overboard and start re-mortgaging your house or anything. However, larger deposits generally become an inevitable part of the progression for regular and relatively successful online gamblers.

When you start depositing in this manner, you are entering high roller bonus territory.

Rolling in the Cash

It is no secret that online casinos like to reward players who deposit large amounts of money. The casino will probably reward you with high roller bonuses if you:

  • Have the means to deposit large amounts of cash
  • Behave like a high roller player

One thing to note is that high roller bonuses are not completely universal in the online casino landscape. Therefore, if they are high on your wishlist, ensure you have a good look around the marketplace.

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High Roller Casinos: Where Should You Play?

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Such promotions can take different forms and are not always strictly limited to high matched deposit bonuses. Essentially, any bonus which is rewarded because of high casino spending is of the high roller variety.

High Roller Bonuses – Reward Schemes

Many casinos have reward schemes whereby players are rewarded for their activity and investment on that particular site. Players can move up to different levels by depositing more and playing more games. Subsequently, they receive more loyalty points.

Within each level, there are different bonuses and prizes to be enjoyed. As you move up different levels within the reward scheme, the bonuses get bigger and brighter.

The offers at the highest levels of the reward schemes usually yield the best value to players.

High Roller VIP Schemes

VIP schemes are reserved for the high roller. Sometimes known as the ‘whale’, such player will always be taken care of by any casino worth its salt.

High rollers are routinely invited to join VIP schemes where they can enjoy exclusive benefits and perks:

  • Special gifts
  • Cash prizes
  • High roller bonuses
  • Personal account manager
  • Exclusive VIP tournaments
  • Member clubs
  • Private holidays
  • Mega cash giveaways

If you enjoy your gambling and you have a big bankroll behind you, it certainly makes sense to get involved with VIP schemes. The rewards and perks are really quite something!

VIP schemes are not universal and they are not all created equal. If you're interested, be sure to have a good browse around to see which ones take your fancy. There are many fantastic VIP schemes out there with excellent bonuses.

High Roller VIP Games

High roller promotions can also take the form of VIP casino games. The majority of online casinos will offer exclusive VIP games, even if there isn’t a loyalty scheme offered at the casino.

Just note that high roller games are usually reserved for players with fluid bankrolls and evidence of competence at the game they wish to play.

Typically, high roller and VIP games are played out in classic casino table games such as blackjack, roulette, poker and baccarat.

They run at a very fast pace and, really, you should only get involved if you're fast and can afford to lose considerable amounts of money.

High Roller Live Casino

Many high roller games take place through the virtual doors of the live casino. Most live casino suites will offer at least one VIP table. There, the stakes will be higher than usual, with large amounts of money floating around the table.

High Roller Casino Bonus – The Final Word

Many of us simply don’t have the means to deposit large amounts of money. So, naturally, these offers are reserved for the top spenders. However, everyone can gain access to them by spending more money than an everyday player.

Just take note that high roller bonuses are subject to the same kind of terms and conditions as other bonuses offered by casinos.

In fact, wagering requirements are often more stringent than regular bonuses with high roller bonuses.

Be sure to check through all the terms and conditions of any high roller bonuses which you receive to ensure you know exactly what you’re dealing with.