PaysafeCard Casino

paysafecard casinos logoMany of you, veteran mobile casino gamblers, will remember Ukash. Its new name is PaysafeCard, which changed after the merger of the two.

If you’ve been playing before 2016, you may have even used the old service of Ukash. But while Ukash is still listed as a deposit option at many casinos, it isn’t available anymore.

In late 2015, PaysafeCard became the de facto service which functions in the same way as Ukash. Effectively, the current payment service is simply a hybrid of the two. A better option than before, we believe.

Why do we think so? You’ll find the answer just below. And if you’ve been wondering how to use PaysafeCard or why you should try it, you’re in the right place. It’s a popular casino payment method today, so we’ve stumbled upon it a lot lately.

How PaysafeCard Casinos Works

Trying PaysafeCard for the first time? If you’re like the most, you’ll enjoy it. Most people who try the payment method are blown away by how easy it is to use. Much easier than they thought, or so they say.

PaysafeCard is effectively an e-wallet, though it’s not like other e-wallets. It functions along the same lines as PayPal or Skrill, only in its case, there are no direct payments. Instead, you use codes provided by the service at your chosen casino.

The process of using this option goes like this:

  • Buy vouchers/codes online or from a local outlet
  • Enter the voucher code(s) at casino depositing screen
  • Enjoy the casino!

Despite taking a little extra time, the code is an extra layer of security between your money and the casino. The codes are encrypted and carry no information useful to the third parties. The only way to use it is by entering it into the casino deposit screen.

Depositing like this is fast and as simple as any online payment. The only inconvenience is that you have to get those codes first. To do that, deposit on PaysafeCard e-wallet online for the codes in return. Alternatively, you can buy the code vouchers from high-street retailers.

PaysafeCard Deposit Limits?

One unusual thing about PaysafeCard is that it sells the codes in fixed values. A single 16-digit code may be worth:

  • £10
  • £25
  • £50
  • £100

You’ll get a varying amount of codes based on your deposit size. If you deposited more, the balance is available in your e-wallet for future use.

Luckily, this doesn’t mean that £100 is the max deposit using PaysafeCard. While this is true at some casinos, other sites allow for more flexibility. PaysafeCard allows using multiple codes when making a deposit too.

So you could be using three codes to make a £75 deposit or even a £300 deposit. It has to be said though, that other e-wallets usually allow for higher limits. So it’s usual to find PaysafeCard deposit limits from £10 to £300. Limits over £300 are possible too, but not available everywhere.

PaysafeCard is a perfect method for gamblers who:

  • Don’t spend a lot
  • Like to deposit often and in small amounts

Where to Play PaysafeCard Casinos?

PaysafeCard is one of the most popular payment methods at online casinos. While it may not be the top choice, it could compete with Skrill and PayPal for accessibility.

Some of the casinos where you can use PaysafeCard include:

You can easily try the method out today. It’s very easy to sign up for and takes no more time than any other e-wallet. If you use real vouchers bought locally, you don’t even have to register at all!