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Online blackjack is an iconic game and it’s a brave online or mobile casino that chooses not to feature blackjack at least somewhere on its games roster. Playing online blackjack for real money is an obsession for many players, and the quest to find the best online blackjack the UK has on offer is a real undertaking for lots of people.
The reasons for blackjacks popularity lie in its apparent simplicity offset by its subtle complexity. There are literally hundreds of different variants of online blackjack available to play at thousands of casinos, each offering different combinations of betting options, side bets and aesthetics. It’s the classic card game which anyone can enjoy, and those who stick at it can really master.

Playing Online Blackjack For Real Money

If you’re anything other than a totally novice gambler, there’s very little chance you haven’t played blackjack at some point or another. The classic card game is one of the most wonderfully simplistic casino games out there, requiring players to get as close to 21 as possible from the drawing of cards without going bust.
You play against the dealer, and the game is often very close and nail-biting, thanks to the super low house edge. As with most casino games, there’s a number of different variations on the rules, opening the doors for online and mobile casino game developers to create hundreds of different variant games, each of which offer different betting and game options to players.

The truth is, although the basic principles behind the game remain the same, playing blackjack online is surprisingly different to playing it at a regular casino. Because there is so much more choice than you’d find at the table of a brick and mortar casino, players after the ultimate real money blackjack experience can tailor the way they play to suit their tastes.
If you want fast dealing no nonsense games, you can find that and stick to it. However, if you’re the kind of player who values a slower game with plenty of side bets, you can opt for that too.
The other thing that might be new to you if you’ve not played blackjack online before is the opportunity to enjoy games with live dealers. These are real dealers standing by real tables in film studios in some far-flung location. They’ll deal from a real deck of cards, but you control your betting from the comfort of your home or one the go through your phone or computer.

The outcome of their deals is recognised by cameras, and you can play just like with any normal online blackjack game. Many people swear by live dealer games, because of the realistic and immersive casino experience they offer. You can talk to the dealers via the chat function, and it’s no secret that the dealers are chosen for being particularly easy on the eye.

The Perks Of Playing Online Blackjack For Real Money

Online Blackjack – Flexible and Low Risk

Online blackjack is super flexible, and can be enjoyed by players with any sized bankroll. That’s because players can choose how much they want to gamble on each draw, from pennies to thousands of pounds, and can decide exactly the kinds of odds they want to play.

Although the betting options available differ depending where you’re playing blackjack online, or which variant you’ve chosen, most have a broad spectrum of betting options available, making them suitable for any and all players. The best online blackjack in the UK is that which offers you the most choice when it comes to deciding how to wager your money.
Blackjack is also a fiercely sociable game; like poker, it brings lots of players round a table, and is often the centrepiece for some great conversations, however, unlike poker, because each player plays against the dealer rather than each other, it tends to foster a much greater sense of camaraderie
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The low house edge is one of the reasons that so many players love playing online blackjack for real money, but it’s really a doubled edged sword; one of the few drawbacks of playing the game online is also contained within that low house edge. When you receive bonuses at online and mobile casinos, they are usually subject to wagering requirements, which ask you to wager the value of your bonus a number of times over before you can withdraw.

The majority of casinos don’t accept online blackjack for no deposit bonuses wagering requirements, because the low house edge means you can gamble the value through with a much lower risk of losing your bonus.

Online Blackjack Side Bets

One of the most intoxicating aspects of online blackjack which sucks so many players in isn’t the basic game itself, but rather the plethora of side bets made possible by modern gaming technology.
A side bet is basically exactly what it says on the tin – a bet which sits beside the main game, and isn’t affected by the success or failure of your main hand. These are great ways for unlucky players to recoup some of their losses, or for lucky players to double their winnings.

Some online blackjack side bets work on super basic principles, like the colour of the cards you draw. Take 3-1 Blackjack for instance; if your first two cards are the same colour, and you win your hand, you’ll win 3-1 on your side bet. Others are a little bit more complex, and mimic other card games like poker. For instance, in 21+3 Blackjack, your first two cards and the dealer’s face up cards are combined, and if this combination makes a straight, flush, three of a kind or straight flush, the bet pays 9-1.

Online blackjack side bets are always optional, and require you to bet a little into a side pot to play them. Just read some online blackjack casino reviews before you play to find out what kinds of side bets are available at which casinos. Some could make you rich and the others could make you a millionaire!

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