Tennis on GrassWith the immense popularity of sports betting, and annual championships like Roland Garros and Wimbledon making about as much noise as the Tour de France, it’s very tempting to start betting on tennis.

But calculating tennis bets can come across as rather complicated to a newcomer, especially if you’re used to straightforward sports betting like the World Cup 2018.

We thought we’d unpack all the tennis betting rules you might find confusing and put together a tennis betting strategy for you.

Tennis Betting Online

If you’re following all the excitement of Wimbledon like we are, it’s likely that you’ve looked up match schedules and betting sites where you can enjoy live betting. However, you may have noticed that your favourite players aren’t necessarily playing daily matches.

That’s because of the “seeding” that happens in tennis championships.

Put in brief terms, this means that players will be ranked according to their successes in previous tournaments. Then the schedule will be organised so that the highest-ranked players are not pitted against one another at the very beginning of the championship.

This gives less popular and sometimes unranked players the opportunity to go against tennis champions, too. You never know when a surprise might happen! Which is why using betting sites to keep an eye on live betting can be beneficial to your strategy.

On these sites, you’ll have to click on the “tennis” section of their live betting charts. Once there, you can choose to bet on either live or upcoming matches. Mostly, these will include daily matches and matches happening the next day. The main events are:

  • Men's Singles
  • Women’s Singles
  • Men's Doubles
  • Women’s Doubles
  • Mixed Doubles

These are organised in “Rounds”, which serve to thin out the rabble from the favourites. You can choose to wait until the bigger players are pitted against one another, or start betting right away from the First Round all the way through to the semi-finals and finals!

This will probably get you some easy wins, as we’ve already seen that the top seeds in both the men’s singles and women’s singles are currently ploughing through the First Round.

Tennis Betting Odds: How to Find the Best Tennis Odds

Here’s where it gets a bit complicated. There are three types of tennis odds you’ll come across on betting sites:

Fractions – Popular format in the UK and Ireland

Decimals – Popular across Europe and the southern hemisphere

Moneyline – Popular in North America

On our chosen betting sites which we will list below, you will come across decimals. It can be confusing, because higher numbers sometimes mean lower chances of success. We’ll take some examples to show you how the probability formula works:

  • Player X has a 1.75 chance of winning, while Player Y has a 2.02 chance of winning.
  • Calculation for Player X: 1/1.75 = 0.57 = 57% chance of winning
  • Calculation for Player Y: 1/2.02 = 0.49 = 49% chance of winning
  • Player X is the safer bet!

This then affects how much you’ll win if you betted on Player X. You calculate your profit with this formula:

(Stake * Odds) – Stake = Profit

So for instance, with the above example, if you betted 10€ on Player Y:

(10€ * 1.75) – 10€ = (17.50€) – 10€ = 7€50

In this example, you just made 75% profit on your initial stake!

As we just saw, live tennis betting can be very lucrative. Finding the best tennis odds mostly involves a careful selection of tennis betting sites, cross-referencing the odds on each site to make sure of your chances and then picking the player with the best odds to maximize your profits. We’ve compiled a list of some of the best live betting sites you can use:

  • Mobilebet
  • Comeon
  • Mansion sport
  • 888 sport
  • Bethard
  • Unibet
  • Mr Green

Tennis Betting Tips

It might be tricky to get the hang of it, but the pay-off is definitely worth it. And like with the Tour de France, tennis has its iconic athletes who keep coming back year after year in an extraordinary show of stamina.

You’ll be able to pick your favourites and follow the careers of these amazing individuals, which will not only maximize the efficiency of your tennis betting strategy, but also make you feel closer to the stars themselves.

Along with staying up to date with the best players’ careers, we recommend keeping an eye on betting sites as well as a trusty calculator at hand.

It’s a tricky sport, so there’s no shame in coming back to our expert betting tips to help you make the most informed decision. Now that you know everything you need, why not hop on over to one of our recommended betting sites and checking out today’s line-up?