Finalists Odds


Today, we’ll be discussing the likelihood these teams will become finalists in the World Cup 2018.

When it comes to the FIFA World Cup, there are plenty of things you can bet on. Whoever will win the cup seems like the most logical option, but you can approach it from different angles than that.

One of those angles is asking who is most likely to make it to the final in the first place. The final dictates out of the two best teams throughout the entire competition deserves to win so it’s no mean feat.

Let’s take a look at the odds and see what teams are the best to support and make a bet on.

The Most Likely Finalists

To be clear, when we say these are the most likely finalists, this doesn’t mean they will reach the final or that they will win the World Cup 2018.

It is merely an estimate based on past performances of that team as well as their performance overall in the World Cup, meaning it’s likely to change.

Here are the five teams most likely to become finalists:

  • Germany: 5/2
  • Brazil: 13/5
  • England: 9/1
  • France: 3/1
  • Belgium: 5/1

Again, we’d like to reiterate that these figures are not final and are subject to change. If one team performs badly in the tournament, they could easily be replaced, and the odds can shift around massively. Always best to make your bet as close to the time of the game as possible.

TL; DR — The figures show most of the finalists will be European but this is by no means set in stone.

Who are the Most Likely Winners?

Given that the odds above only reflect who may become finalists as opposed to winning the entire competition, we though it would be best if we displayed the winning odds separately for your perusal.

After all, just because a team has secured their place in the final, does not mean they will win. Quite the opposite, actually, depending on how good they are.

Here are the top five teams who are said to be the outright winners of the World Cup 2018:

  • Brazil: 23/5
  • Germany: 5/1
  • Spain: 13/2
  • France: 7/1
  • Argentina: 11/1

Once again, these odds are likely to change when the tournament goes a certain way. Best to keep an eye on the odds so you don’t get caught out.

TL;DR — Be mindful of the outright winner odds as well as the finalist odds.

Who Should I Bet On?

Who you should bet on is entirely up to you. We cannot make you choose a team anymore than we can make you compare odds to see which team will most likely emerge triumphant.

Our advice is to compare as many odds as you can and see if you cannot draw up your own conclusions on who would be best to bet on.

After all, the best bet is one made after meticulous research has been carried out to ascertain which would be the most profitable.

TL;DR — Do as much comparing as you can to bet on the most likely finalists.