World Cup Winner 2018 Odds

World Cup winner 2018 odds is what more and more people are getting interested in lately, now that the 21st World Cup is starting mid-June. This is especially true for gamblers who like to wager at online and mobile sports betting sites.

With so many matches and 32 best teams in the world playing them, there are more than enough opportunities to win big money and have fun trying.

Whatever country you support, there are many different markets to play at and many ways to place different bets on various outcomes on the level of a single match or the whole tournament at once.

Find the best odds for World Cup 2018 below and enjoy the event twice as much with sports betting available everywhere and always regardless of your location, as long as you have internet access and a free minute.

World Cup Winner 2018 Odds

The winner odds get the most attention as everyone tries to guess who will win the cup this year. Will it be Germany and will it become the second ever team to defend their world champion title?

Or will it be Brazil, the team that has also won every fourth World Cup, and win their sixth trophy? Alternatively, could it be France with Antoine Griezmann in front, Argentina with Lionel Messi or even Portugal with Cristiano Ronaldo?

All of these teams have pretty good chances according to sportsbook platforms online that are available for fans from the UK. Here are some of the odds on bets that you can place right now and invest for a big win this July:

  • Germany to win odds: 9/2
  • Brazil to win odds: 9/2
  • France to win odds: 11/2
  • Portugal to win odds: 25/1
  • Argentina to win odds: 9/1
  • Spain to win odds: between 13/2 and 6/1
  • Belgium to win odds: between 10/1 and 11/1
  • England to win odds: 16/1
  • Russia to win odds: between 33/1 and 50/1

Germany 2018 World Cup Odds

Germany and Brazil have the best odds, as you can see. But why, you may ask? In case of Germany, they’re the current world champions and the 1st best football team in the world according to various rankings.

In only makes sense that their odds should be good. However, it’s not just their previous titles that make them seem so strong. The team has been winning quite a lot of matches actually. They also qualified to the tournament by winning all 10 matches that they had to play in the UEFA confederation.

Besides, Germany has a huge roster of talented players, at least four of which are considered as serious contenders to become the top scorers in this competition too. A formidable team, indeed.

Can Brazil Win World Cup 2018?

Aside from Germany, Brazil has equal odds. Not only are they the most successful team in the history of World Cups, they are similarly talented and highly experienced players.

Brazil has also been winning pretty much all the matches they played recently and few other countries can even stand a chance against the legendary football team.

World Cup winner 2018 odds vary widely among the different teams, but the most likely winners in this year’s competition are Germany and Brazil.