So, you’re probably thinking which team to support in the World Cup and place an outright bet right now? Uruguay is a decent choice we’d say. The odds Uruguay World Cup 2018 performance will surpass those of other teams is around 25/1 today.

That’s actually a pretty high percentage compared to other teams, yet it still offers a pretty fair winning potential, unlike the bets on the ultimate favourites like Brazil or Germany.

Uruguay at FIFA World Cup 2018

Uruguay started off really well in the qualifiers of this World Cup. They actually ended up second in the South American confederation, below Brazil but in a higher place than Argentina.

This probably didn’t come as a surprise. This national team has actually won the World Cup twice before in the history of the event. Mind you, the last time they rose to fame was in 1950.

Could they shock the world and repeat their success this year? The odds on Uruguay winning World Cup 2018 are actually not as low as you might think.

Recent Uruguay World Cup Performances

It’s the 14th time Uruguay participates in the FIFA World Cup. The real odds on Uruguay to win World Cup 2018 are difficult to predict yet but their past endeavours could shed some light on the subject.

In 2014, for example, the team managed to reach the group of 16 before getting served by Colombia. In 2010, on the other hand, they finished in fourth place. And the team today looks just as strong as well, so it seems that the betting odds Uruguay to win World Cup 2018 aren’t too far off.

Uruguay World Cup 2018 Predictions

In 2018, Uruguay is up against Russia, Egypt and Saudi Arabia in Group A. We could totally see this team winning the group, with either Russia or Egypt as the runner-up.

Odds on Uruguay winning 2018 World Cup get much more complicated later on. Since it’s probably inevitable for Portugal and Spain to advance from Group B, Uruguay will likely have to face one of those team in the group of 16.

On the bright side, winning against a favourite could certainly launch the team straight to the top.

Odds on Uruguay Winning World Cup 2018; World Cup 2018 Uruguay Fixtures

Uruguay World Cup 2018 odds are roughly 25/1, as we mentioned before. This translates into a 4% chance of them winning according to the most popular bookmakers in the UK.

It’s up to you to agree or disagree. If you believe that their chances are greater, it’s a perfect chance to place an outright bet on them. That way, you will win more than the bet is worth assuming you are correct.

Other Possible Bets on Uruguay

On the other hand, there are other ways to bet if Uruguay to win World Cup 2018 odds seem slim to you. For example, you can try placing an elimination bet and predict when this team will drop out.

We figure one popular bet, in this case, would be the group of 16 where they’ll likely have to face Spain or Portugal. Or maybe they’ll repeat the 2010 scenario and climb all the way to the semi-finals?

These bets are not as lucrative as the odds Uruguay win World Cup 2018 offers today. Instead of 25/1, it’s 9/1 or 10/1. But this also means a better chance to win.

Odds for Uruguay to win World Cup 2018 are pretty good and judging from their recent performance as well as country’s history, they could actually pull it off. But if you don’t believe in their success, you can turn that to winnings too!