Tunisia Starting Eleven

So far, there have been a fair few countries who have announced who exactly they’re bringing to the World Cup 2018 but there are still some yet to let us in on who will be showing up in Russia. Even less are those willing to tell us exactly who will be playing in their respective country’s first match.

This includes Tunisia, the country to go up against England in their first match. While they’ve only just recently told us all who they will be bringing to the tournament, they’re still a bit stingy as to who will be playing in their first match.

However, given Tunisia’s past performance, we can make an educated guess as to who will be there in the England match. Here’s our predictions for the top 11 players who will play against England in the World Cup:

  • Mathlouthi
  • Haddadi
  • Maaloul
  • Meriah
  • Ramos
  • Khaoui
  • Khalil
  • Skhiri
  • Khazri
  • Khalifa

We hope the manager for Tunisia, Malooul, knows what he’s doing and select the players above as his front-running team. After all, it would be important for Tunisia to beat England in the match so they can qualify for the next round.